From the Halloween film series in 1982 science fiction horror film Halloween III: Season of Witch release in which Dr. Dan Challis (Tom Atkins) tries to solve the mysterious murders of the patient in his hospital. After travelling to Santa Mira, California with his daughter Ellie Grimbridge (Stacey Nelkin) he discovered that Conal Cochran (Dan O’Herlihy) attempting to use the mystic powers to connect to witchcraft. Cochran is also using Silver Shamrock Halloween Mask to fulfill his task only when all the children  wear his mask and watch the Silver Shamrock commercial airing at Halloween night. Therefore we also displayed here Silver Shamrock kids from Halloween III Costume.

Halloween III Witch Mask (Shop via Amazon)

Let’s begin this costume guide with the Halloween III masks, this mask is the accurate replica of the mask that character wore in the movie.

Wicket Witch Costume (Shop via Amazon)

After collecting season of the Halloween witch masks you need this witch costume to complete the accessories of the first character.

Halloween III Pumpkin Mask (Shop via Amazon)

The second screaming character wore the Pumpkin Mask Halloween in the movie which is available at Amazon store, what you have to do is decide your character and order the products from the product page.

Halloween Movies Black Bodysuit (Shop via Amazon)

Halloween countdown is about to start now so you have less choices to have best costume for cosplay, however this is the right time that you may avail the opportunity to buy last minute costume from the Costume Store.

Halloween III Skull Mask (Shop via Amazon)

Halloween 3 masks are very demanding among children, this mask is made with 100% fiber and the identical replica from the Silver Shamrock Novelties.

Skeleton Costume (Shop via Amazon)

Disappearing Man Costume contain the attached gloves and socks therefore you have no need buy further items to hide your hands or leg. We displayed Halloween three different characters in which you select the best to cosplay a Halloween. Visit our collection of Halloween Scary Costume for more Halloween costume ideas.