Batman’s ultimate enemy, DC Comic Supervillain, Two-Face (Harvey Dent) was formally a District Attorney. After half of his face is horribly scared, he gone insane and adopted 2 face personas, who decide fate with the flip of a coin. He has been played twice in live action movies. Once in Batman Forever by Tommy Lee Jones, and once in The Dark Knight by Aaron Eckhart. Therefore, to reduce the conflict between good and evil you have to try Two-Face costume to cosplay at Halloween. Scroll down to grab all the accessories of the Two-Face Batman costume.

Two Face Cosplay Costume (Shop via Amazon)

Let’s began this costume guide with Harvey two face suit in black and white colors. Product page contain Harvey Dent Two Face suit, shirt and tie.

Harvey 2 Face Mask (Product Page)

If you are interested in the two face make then see the tutorial otherwise we suggest you to order this two face mask which is more suitable than makeup.

Two Face Coin (Shop via Amazon)

Two Face TDK is another yet important costume prop which is available at the Amazon Store made of Pewter Metal with a weight like a circulated coin having 1.5″ in diameter and 3mm thick.

Two Face Villain Wingtip Oxford (Shop via Amazon)

As considered unique villain skill and power he used to wear along with two face outfit two color oxford which available at the product page. Choice wisely by selecting this costume shoes because a big collection of shoes are available at the Halloween costume store.

Dual Face AirSoft Gun (Shop via Amazon)

After having airsoft pistol you have all the accessories of the two face batman dark knight in your bucket and now you are ready to cosplay the character at Halloween. Visit our entire collection of the DC Comic costume for more Halloween ideas.

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