Alita: Battle Angel is an American Cyberpunk action movie based on manga series Gunnm. Dr. Dyson Ido found a female cyborg Alita (Rosa Salazar) with the fully intact human brain. Unfortunately, she was found with the loss of her entire memory. Therefore, Dr. Ido gives her a new identity Alita. Later in Battle Angel Alita movie she soon discovered her extraordinary past, especially when Hugo (Alita’s boyfriend) introduced her to a battle race wherein cyborgs fight to the death. Scroll down to grab all the accessories of the Alita Battle Angel costume for Halloween; cosplay from the battle angel movie.

Alita Cosplay Wig (Amazon)

Let’s begin the Battle Angel Alita manga costume DIY with the Alita costume wig which is recently available at the Amazon Store with identical style and color.

Alita Angel Mehron Makeup (Amazon)

To become an identical version of Battle Angel Alita Anime, face makeup has to be done perfectly. Above displayed Mehron color cream is Water-based, highly pigmented, Great for all varieties of face painting applications, Vegan and cruelty-free. Be sure to apply it with sponge, brush, or fingertips to your skin. 

Alita Battle Angel Cosplay Costume  (Amazon)

Alita movie costume is available at the product page in several sizes, select the best that suits you. However, if you are interested to have Battle Angel Alita Shirt with the different pick than you must visit Battle Angel Alita complete collection at the linked page.

Damascus Blade Sword (Amazon)

James Cameron & Robert Rodriguez created a new story of hope, love, and empowerment in the form of Alita Battle Angel manga. Displayed prop sword is similar in size, shape & style that Alita uses as a weapon in the Battle movie.

Anime Angel Riding Boot (Amazon)

After having this Alita Rodriguez costume boot in your bucket you are ready to cosplay this character on your will. However, there are some other attire she wore as casual in the movie besides her Battle Angel costume, have a look at it.

Angle Movie Blue Shirt (Amazon)

The blue identity of Alita is an ordinary cyborg with soldier skills. She wore this attire with or with a jacket; you may also look attractive while wearing such a nice tee during summer. Hey, don’t forget to buy blue skinny jeans along with it. If you are further interested to have a hot pink tee visit the product page to have the most identical one in your bucket.

Battle Angel Alita Volume 1 Blue Jeans (Amazon)

Whether the viewer noticed or not she mostly wear blue jeans along with the different t-shirt that she wore in the movie at different occasions and fights.

Alita Last Order Multi-Color Shirt (Amazon)

While you are watching Battle Angel Alita Manga online and you inspired by the character and collected all the accessories for cosplay. This multi-color stripe shirt will still valuable as we consider this item as one of the casual Alita outfit.

Battle Angel Alita Shirt & Shorts (Amazon)

Here comes the sleepwear that we all saw Alita wear in the movie, however almost identical shirts you may also find at Amazon Store but displayed one is accurately the same. The last item which we are not displaying right now in this article is the Alita Skates that she wore during the battle game because still, the manufacturer is working on it to make accurate at low price for Alita lover. There are several other collectibles related to Alita films are available at a different location, we hope that you will like to buy them also.

Battle Angel Alita Figure (Amazon)

There are two styles of funko pop are available at the store i.e. Combat Angel Motorball as displayed above and the other one is Cyborg Angel doll. The choice is your’s which Battle Angel Alita action figure you like to have for yourself; which one you select to gift to such a lovely friend.

Customize Alita T-Shirt & Sweat Shirt (Amazon)

Good news for the people who love to wear customized T-Shirt/ Sweatshirt of the particular brand that you are following. The product page has varieties of color, size, and style of the customized T-Shirt or sweatshirt of Ali ta prints. Printed on soft, breathable cotton; comfortable heading to school, hanging out with friends, fitness, and yoga, etc.

Alita Fashion Hoodie (Amazon)

You may check out the most attractive and lovely collection of the Alita sweatshirt at several online stores and we are pretty much that you will also buy Battle Angle Atila jacket for your collection.

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