Every single gamer used to spend their most reputable time to crack the hidden secrets in the game. What do you like to play? Adventure, fighting, or entertaining, you will have great satisfaction from your selection. God of War 2 is based on Norse mythology, unlike previous games based on Greek mythology. There are two main protagonists in the God of War games i.e. Kratos (former Greek God of War) and his son Atreus. God of War series reveals several secrets about the divine nature of the Atreus father (Kratos Greek God) which unhide in front of the player according to the chapter wise. Scroll down to grab all the accessories of the God of war costume for Halloween and cosplay.


Kratos god of war is a Spartan who ascends to become a god and exacts revenge on the Olympians for betraying him. God of war reboot i.e. the latest installment in 2018 in which an Old Kratos leaves in the territory of the Norse gods with his son Atreus. You don’t need to have a shirt for the top but you will want to slather yourself with white body paint to get the authentic look.

Kratos Spartan Large Brown Beard: Amazon

Let’s begin the DIY of the Kratos costume with the dark brown beard that includes a beard and mustache in the package. It further contains an elastic band for easy wear.

Kratos Tattoo White Body Paint: Amazon

The entire body of the Kratos Zeus is painted with the white body paint that makes him unique look as compared to another goddess of war. So if you are taking advantage to for Kratos cosplay then you also have to paint the upper part of your body with the white paint as displayed above.

Red Kratos Face Paint: Amazon

Along with white paint, you will also require red body paint to become the roman gods. Check out Kratos makeup tutorial in case you are not satisfied with you to look.

Kratos Mythology Black GI Pant: Amazon

Kratos wiki describes his character and skill in deep therefore in this article there is no need to explain about his style and look. Select all the Kratos attire in this article to have an identical look flawlessly.

God of War Combat Brown Lion Clothing: eBay

God of war items is limited as per the high demand at the costume store. However, this partial Tarzan costume or jungle caveman outfit is far enough to give you outstanding looks of the real god of war.

GOW Roman Apron: Amazon

Is Kratos a god that only make God of war rating so high? no because the creator provides several skills for Kratos security in terms of the god of war cheats. Further, this apron also contains leather belt with studs.

Kratos Armor Medieval Belt: Amazon

God of war game of the year also required the medieval wrap faux leather belt with sheath. However, sword and costume are not included in the package.

Kratos Defense Warrior Arms & Wrist Guard: Amazon

God of war ascension explores in all god of war games which you achieve chapter wise while playing consistently. But for the god of war cosplay and have Kratos powers you need god of war collectibles as shown above.

God of War PS4 Leather Shoulder Armor: Amazon

Kartos attire with an identical feature as mentioned in the god of war wiki or PlayStation version you have to order this armor that includes Single Pauldron for One Shoulder having very appealing design Great for LARP.

God of War Axe: Amazon

The accurate replica version of the Kratos blades is available at the product page with 36” long. Now you may add god of war blades of chaos in you cart without any confusion from the Amazon Store.

Kratos Boot: Amazon

After having gow game Kratos boot in your bucket you will have collected all the accessories of the Kratos outfit for cosplay which is counted as one of the gods of war main character.

God of Warrior Battle Suit: Amazon

Collecting individual items of Kratos merchandise for the god of war crossover we hope may more exciting instead of buying the Kratos complete costume package from the product page. However, the choice is yours, scroll more to have the Kratos son costume DIY.


God of war plot Atreus (Kratos son) a sickly child who recently become healthy enough to travel with his father to the Nordic dominion. Kratos son of Atreus encounter his father after the death of Kratos wife (Atreus mother) but still unknown about the past life of his father. Instead of chatting about Kratos family lets grab the accessories of the Atreus costume.

The house of Atreus Gray Fur Tunic: Amazon

Coat refers from the Zoolander 2 costume feature with long sleeves, lightweight top with gray faux fur trim is the primary item that required making authentic Atreus costume.

New God of War Gray Knitted Sweater: Amazon

The product page contains several attractive colors of pullovers but this one is the perfect match with the Atreus attire wore in the god of war PS4 game.

Atreus Cosplay Black Fleece Pant: Amazon

Fleece pant in heather black is the identical color wore by the real character in the god of war walkthrough. As we know that Ares god of war is also one of the main character, therefore, you must conscious while collecting the product suggested in this costume guide.

God of War III Padded Gambeson Skirt: Amazon

Finest material for gods of combat has cotton felt padding which great for costume and re-enactment that provides you what you need to have the perfect look.

God of War Original Strand Rope: Amazon

Ares god of war tie this rope on his waist, shoulder, left hand and left leg, at the product page, there are several options of buying this item but we suggest you buy the one which is less in quantity.

God of War Anime Brown Leather Strap: Amazon

All accessories shown in this article are according to the attire that Atreus wore in the god of games. So if you already played until the god of war ending you are well aware of all the mystery about Atreus and Kratos real life.

God of War Son Leather Gloves: Amazon

No need to arrange the mask of Atreus but you must order this leather gloves for your safety prior using the archery. This item is optional because this god of war characters sometimes wore it and sometimes not.

God or War Archery Set: Amazon

Are you also the follower of Disney Merida who is best for her archery skills, similarly to kill the god of war monsters Kratos gow trained his son to become one of the best god of fight unbeatable player.

Ares god of war costume Fabric: Product Page

The design of the fabric is very much identical to the Atreus god wars wore as a character. Female god of war cosplayer may also collect all the products as shown in this article.

Atreus Costume Boot: Amazon

After having costume boot you are ready to win the game without using the god of war cheat codes. Including DIY costume you will also like New god of war merchandise for your collection as well as to gift others.

That’s not all for God of war guide you may also try the identical items for the god of war female Kratos. DIY regarding other characters of the god of war collection PS4 will also be added in this article soon. We are glad that you like our collection of gold of war attire; don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. For Halloween gaming costume, Click Here!