Shadow Man (voiced by Keith David) in The Princess and the Frog is commonly known as Dr. Facilier who is an is an evil boktor or witch doctor and voodoo shop owner. With the help of the Black Magic Disney Doctor Facilier plots to rule New Orleans. He is the one who transforms Princess Naveen into the frog and Princess Tiana to track down and rescue the Princess. From the cast of Black Princess movie Dr Faciler become one of the most popular Disney villains in the history of the Disney world. Scroll down to have all the accessories of the Dr. Facilier Costumes from the Disney Store. (Related Post: The Princess and the Frog Costumes)

Dr Facilier’s Hat
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Let’s start this DIY Dr Facilier costume with the costume worn by the voodoo man Disney in the Princess and the Frog movie. However, this hat is incomplete without some add-on as shown below.

Dr Facilier Skull on Hat
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To have perfect Dr Facilier hat you have to stick the Dr Facilier skull mask on it. Don’t worry it is physically small and stick easily at the front side of the hat.

Disney Dr Purple Ostrich Feather
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There is a little more addition you need to put in Disney witch doctor hat is the purple ostrich feather that makes the hat identical look that Dr wore in the frog prince movie.

Doctor Facilier Cosplay Suit
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Instead of collecting Dr Facilier Jacket in purple, we share the 3 pieces tailcoat suit which seems best for the Dr Facilier cosplay as well as later uses as the business suit. Visit the product page of our Amazon Store to check several other colors brand and styles.

Disney Voodoo Red Cumberband
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In the Tiana Princess and the Frog movie Doctor also wear red cumberbund on the suit paint to have a proper look of the experienced magician, so if you showed you interest to have Doctor Facilier costume than need to add this item in your bucket.

Dr Facilier Cane
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Princess and the Frog Dr Facilier use to carry his cane as one of the most required magical instrument all the time. Therefore add this light-weighted, wood shaft formal cane in your cart before it gets out of stock.

Facilier Disney Inspired Necklace
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The Princess and the Frog story disclose many secrets about the Dr Facilier voodoo but this is not the right platform to discuss anyone but you feel crazy to add displayed necklace inspired by the Dr Facilier Disney World.

Dr Facilier Costume Dress Shoes
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In frogs movie, we see no concept about Dr Facilier shirt, therefore, we didn’t display anything like this but this costume shoe is the two-tone oxford dress shoes which is perfectly designed for parties, holiday events and night out.

Disney Villains Dr Facilier Tarot Deck
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Last but not the least item from the Princess and the kiss movie is tarot deck in which Dr facilier is very very experienced. If you already have a deck at your home no need to buy this one but we suppose this is the identical one Dr Facilier of Frog Price carries in his hands.

This not yet we found several searches about Dr facilier female costume, therefore we like to conclude that you may also use all the accessories as shown above for female Dr Facilier costume from the Disney Princess and the Frog movie. You are invited to check our entire collection of the Cartoon and Fairy Tale costume by Click Here.