Riverdale series based on the characters of Archie Comics adopted by the CW. Since Riverdale show has debuted it contributed so much to the pop-culture. Now, it’s the right time to hunt merchandise and clothing of Riverdale characters. Scroll down to see the eye-catching collection of the Riverdale Merchandise and gift ideas.

South Side Serpents Red Jacket: Amazon

Let’s make you the gang member of the South Side serpents; who wore the above-shown jacket, features the signature of snake print. The identical style of leather jacket is also available in black at the product page of the Amazon Store.

Riverdale Josie And The Pussycats Wallet: Amazon

Officially licensed merchandise from Riverdale TV show is the super cool wallet; featured with leopard print kitty ears and Josie metal nameplate at the front.

Betty Riverdale Funko Pop: Amazon

Funko Riverdale Cheryl Blossom: Amazon

Riverdale Veronica Funko: Amazon

Funko Pop Riverdale Archie: Amazon

From the Riverdale home, we bring you the action figures of Riverdale Betty Cooper; cast in the first season of CW Riverdale, Cheryl Blossom, Archie, and Veronica Riverdale.

Betty Crown Sweater: Amazon

Long sleeves t-shirt inspired with Betty Crown River Arch Veronica is available in three different colors. People who watch Riverdale episodes are well aware of the colorful fashion introduced in the series but we select this unisex Betty sweater for colder months.

Southside Serpents Logo Hoodie: Amazon

Riverdale cosplay is now under your budget because instead of an expensive jacket you may dress this hoodie to become a member of Riverdale High School. However, you will also wear South side Serpents T-Shirt to show that you have already cleared Riverdale Middle School.

Archie Riverdale Backpack: Amazon

Hey, Archie fans! here we bring the cool Riverdale merchandise inspired with the Letterman Jacket. So why are you waiting to carry your essential in the Archie backpack to become a citizen of the Riverdale city.

Riverdale Cheerleader Shirt: Amazon

Are you interested in the Cheer-leading practice at the Riverdale City Hall then shop this unisex Cheerleader Vixen T Shirt to rock and rule the squad.

Riverdale HS 3D Sweatshirt: Amazon

Add gritty colors in your life with this 3D print Riverdale cast sweatshirt. This is the appropriate time to show your friends and family that how much you love the series when you wear it.

Jughead Riverdale Beanie: Amazon

Jughead and Betty are the coolest characters of the Riverdale wiki, therefore to place you in the fashion we add this merchandise in this article. This item is one of the main accessories for Jughead cosplay.

Archie KJ APA Riverdale Varsity Jacket: Amazon

Reggie Archie comics best describes the Riverdale costumes like this KJ APA varsity which was worn by the Archie and other boys in the series. Features blend of the multi-fabric and identical styles.

Pop Chock It Mug: Amazon

Hey! CW fans let check out this item, not limited to the Riverdale Hotel so add it in your collection or to gift someone who is also interested to contribute their part in the pop culture.

Crop Top Hoodie: Amazon

South Side Serpents Riverdale logo hoodie is perfect to gift your friend and family. This item made with high-quality polyester and cotton, non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Riverdale Vixens Megaphone Handbag: Amazon

Megaphone handbag is a recommended gift for girls, purse-shaped like Riverdale Vixens cheer horn and also has removable shoulder straps.

Long Sleeves T Shirt: Amazon

Creating your attention towards this Riverdale shirt featured with the Riverdale logo. The product page contains several other colors, made with soft and breathable fabric.

Riverdale Pillow: Amazon

Reading Riverdale comic will make you relax on the pillow shown above. There are several other Riverdale merchandise available online;  we displayed a few which we feel stunning and eye-catching for you. You may also check merchandise and gift ideas on several other topics by click here.