Vacations are about to end and you have now started shopping school accessories for your kid which includes stationery, bags, shoes, etc. Why not this time select such a valuable product for them which seems to be as a gift for the entire secular year. Angry Birds stuff are of great quality are available at reasonable prices around the globe. So it’s high time that Angry Birds new movie is releasing soon as well as people are buying Angry Birds friends for there kids so don’t give it a second thought and buy these amazing bags soon.

Angry Birds 2 School Backpack (Amazon)

Red Angry birds cartoon bag is a really nice option for kids as it is light in weight which will be easy for them to carry. Bag contains two pockets on either side for water bottle as well. This is also a nice option as a picnic bag for our little angrier.

Crazy Bird Rolling Backpack (Amazon)

All Angry Birds trolley bag will definitely be your child’s favorite as they won’t have to carry such heavy weights; easily able to drag it from one place to another. This bag has the picture printed of the whole flock of Angry Birds epic which makes it colorful and attractive.

Play Angry Birds 3D Backpack (Amazon)

Angry Birds bookbag has such appealing colors in Angry Bird’s face which include black, red and yellow and of course the 3-D style eyes and beak which will make it a top choice for lovers. This Angry Birds merchandise has one zip option which makes it popular within students during their exam time. It’s capable of carrying 3 or more books and a water bottle because of its side pocket. It also has a small keychain type thing attached with a small red angry bird cartoon.

Angry Birds Star Wars Backpack (Amazon)

Angry Birds toy and Angry Birds games are available on demand but you will find little hurdle in Angry Birds shirt and backpack like this. It will definitely come under the category of angry bird’s stuffed animals because of the material used. Our little Angry Birds Transformers will definitely like its softness and comfy.

Angry Birds Blues Backpack (Amazon)

Crazy birds set for kids! This blue angry bird backpack provides 3 different areas for keeping books, lunchbox and of course stationary. This also provides side pockets of net material for the water bottle. This deal includes a set of 12 bright colored pencils which make a great pair for the starting of a new term.

Ugly Bird Shoulder Bag (Amazon)

One arm backpack is quite demanding these days to carry a laptop and other stuff. This agree bird bag will make it easier to carry laptops and books. It has a single zip, perfect choice for a teen. Its striking black and white galaxy design will definitely be one of the top choices of our youngsters!

Angry Birds Movie Case (Amazon)

Angry Birds store present luggage bag which can be used several ways including airport as well; it has wheels which makes it easier to move it from one place to another and the handle on top to move it. This has an attractive design as well!

Red Angry Bird Girls School Bag (Amazon)

Such a cute bag for Angry Birds girls because of its girly colors i.e. red and pink. Besides Angry Birds cheat, this bag provides 2 net pockets on both sides for the water bottle. This bag also has lights! But one sad thing that this might soon run out of stock a few pieces is left so hurry up and grab these for your new school term from Angry Bird shop!

Angry Birds Star Wars Backpack (Amazon)

Angry Birds original Star Wars bag provides zip to keep the stuff. It also gives the option of stylish zip in front of the bag and is perfect for Angry Birds Christmas gift.

Angry Birds Go Flock (Amazon)

Amazing Angry Birds toon backpack has pictures of Block Chuck, Bomb and Red with one stylish pocket in front. This also provides a side pocket to keep a water bottle. This is a great idea for a gift as an Angry Birds party theme.

Angry Birds Backpack and Lunchbox (Amazon)

If you’re finding travel bags than nothing can be better than this deal which is providing a luggage bag and a backpack travel kit! Angry Birds backpack and lunch bag combo are the general demand of the players of our Angry games. This deal also includes a backpack which can be separately used for school trips etc. The glossy print of the angry birdz flock makes these bags look so fascinating! This is for sure a great deal and so might go out of stock soon so get your money ready and get these for your next trip!

Angry Birds Space Tote Bag (Amazon)

Angry Birds characters are great inspiration for our kids; so wake up and gift such a nice Angry Birds movie merchandise to your kid. This mad bird bag provides 3 different areas for keeping books, lunchbox, and other stuff, etc. This also provides side net pockets for keeping water bottles. The greatest advantage of this allbirds bag is that it has padded back straps which will definitely not be a burden on your child’s shoulder and provide him/her with a comfortable school journey.

Bird Backpack (Amazon)

This black Angry Birds game backpack is not at all a bad idea for exams, picnic, and small trips. This has a cute picture of Angry Angry Birds printed on the front. This provides two zip compartments and side net pocket for the water bottle.

Backpack The Angry Birds (Amazon)

Angry Birds seasons provide several ideas regarding Angry Birds accessory including angry toys, Angry Birds t shirt, and crazy birds games. It provides 2 zip compartments and a side net pocket for the water bottle. This has a fuzzy front and padded and adjustable shoulder straps which will be an advantage for your child. So why are you waiting for the Angry Birds movie 2 merchandise have a high demand; go and grab the best angri birds backpack for your kids. For more Angry Birds Halloween costumes and other gift ideas visit click here!