Forrtnite Battle Royale, Rust Lord is classified by its rarity, Epic, Legendary, common or uncommon and rare. Considering Fortnite skills; Rust Lord skin falls under the Epic Catagory and belongs to the Storm Scavenger set in Season 3. Fortnite gameplay identifies that its a serious player who sticks with the slogan “King of The Scrap Heap”. To have this skin you will need to reach the Tier 23 of the Season 3 of the Battle Royale franchise. (Related: Ultimate Guide of Fortnite Halloween Costumes)

Play Fortnite Brown Leather Jacket (Amazon)

Looking for a trendy leather Jacket? This is an amazing stylish Rust Lord Jacket for you to get for the upcoming winters. Rust Lord Halloween costume jacket includes a zip on the right-chest side and a stylish button on the left bottom-waist side. This will make you stand out in a crowd.

Rust Lord Helmet (Etsy)

Instead of Halloween mask; you have to order rust-lord helmet to complete the costume accessories of the Fortnite Battle Royale available at Etsy Store.

Rust Lord Cosplay Blue Bandana (Amazon)

This stretchy scarf is a must buy; used for performing any types of stunts or sports. The greatest advantage of Epic Fortnite headband; can be worn in more than 10 different styles. You just need to youtube the procedure of wearing a specific type of headband and you can look amazingly awesome with different styles of headbands every day!

Rust Lord Costume Tactical Pant (Amazon)

Bermuda pants known as military pants for Fortnite gameplay with 8 pockets and an amazing variety of color combinations to choose from;  should be a top product on your shopping list. These are an amazing option to wear at picnics; the material used is quick dries after getting wet and makes this pant style comfortable to wear!

Fortnite Costume Brown Belt (Amazon)

Looking for a regular-use brown belt? This can be the perfect choice for you! This is an official fortnite skill; style simple and sweet belt can easily be used as office-wear and casual wear as well.

Rust Lord Cosplay Costume Gloves (Amazon)

People always try to find unique yet comfortable and worthy of buying gloves for them. This pair of gloves meet the above-mentioned criteria of Fortnite giveaway. They are the trendiest style on the top list of people to buy from Halloween Store.

Fortnite Game Leather Waist Bag (Amazon)

To crake Fortnite codes; people find it difficult to keep their cigarette boxes of large size. The pouch has designed for people; who cannot leave their homes without taking a box of a cigarette with them. The size has made with a lock to close the pouch; a hook has attached to this pouch to make it easier for you to hook it up in your pants or jeans.

Fortnite Rust Lord Costume Boot (Amazon)

After having Rust Lord boot you have to find the fortnite key to grab all the accessories of the Rust Lord Costume. It’s difficult to look up for boots that are trendy and comfortable, both. This is a perfect choice to fulfill your needs for trendy and comfortable boots. Looking forward to a fortnight; interested in Halloween Costumes ideas or anime costumes, Click Here!