The Proud Family Season 1 was developed by the Disney Channel. Information reveals that the series was actually a pilot for Nickelodeon. The proud family series supporting the live actions activities of the Penny Proud. There are several cosplay ideas that you already follow as a Family Halloween costume. We prefer you to try some unique ideas for cosplay this Halloween; Marvel Avengers costume, not recommended. The Proud Family costumes are displayed below for Disney fans and followers. Hey! start scrolling to grab accessories of the proud family characters you like to cosplay this Halloween…here comes Penny Proud


Penelope “Penny” Proud in the Proud Family is a lovely teenage girl. Being the main character Penny Proud family is very touchy about her by forbidding her to date with boys. She is a straight-A student and a talented singer who wants to leave a normal life. She always listens to her parents; always ready to help her friends. She loves to wear black hair in curly style pigtails.

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In The Proud Family, Dr. Trudy Parker Proud (voiced by Paula Jai Parker) is the mother of the Penny Proud and the twins. She is the wedded wife of the Oscar Proud. Trudy Proud is a caring mother and a veterinarian; belongs to a wealthy family.

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Sticky Proud family is one of the best Penny Proud friends. He is smart and tough; good with puzzles and computer technology. Being a huge crush he has been constantly annoyed by Dijonay Jones. Besides the friend of the happy family, he is upset with the divorce of his parents. Sticky Webb is the one who informed Penny of the plan of the Gross Sisters.

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