Are you a parent of a girl who is a fan of Dora the Explorer? Is she obsessed with Dora’s style, outfit, haircut and everything else? Does she want all her stuff to be of Dora? Then try out these amazing Dora Bag Packs for your child which will definitely make her go crazy and happy!

Dora Rescue Bag (Amazon)

It’s the same backpack as Dora has! The cute, fluffy, purple, and velvety bag with rescue Dora the Explorer map. This Dora backpack is a perfect choice for kindergarten kids as they don’t have much stuff to carry with them. Also, this Dora merchandise is washable so if it gets dirty it won’t be a problem for you and you can easily wash it.

Dora Bookbag and Pencil Case (Amazon)

Wondering what type of backpacks for girls to purchase? This is a superb choice to buy for kids because it contains one main zip compartment and 2 side net pockets for water bottles. This also includes a cute Dora Pencil box for your child to match with her explorer backpack!

Dora Cartoon Little Black Backpack (Amazon)

Thinking what type of bag to buy for your little one instead of Dora the Explorer costume? Get this one black Dora backpack adventure for your cute little daughter to help her learn to take care of her things from now only. She can also put her water bottle in one of the side net pockets. Also, this small backpack is enough to keep one book, some stationery, and a lunchbox for your toddler!

Dora Book Backpacks for School (Amazon)

Looking for Disney backpacks for girls? This product will definitely meet your needs as it is bigger in size and comfortable for kids. It also has 2 zip compartments and 2 side net pockets for the water bottle. The attraction of this bag is that the front of it is made up of a glossy material that attracts children!

Pink Dora the Explorer Boots Backpack (Amazon)

Looking for a bag with girly colors? This Dora the Explorer Boots backpack will for sure be your daughter’s first choice. Instead of buying Dora the Explorer toys, this bag is suitable for kids as it contains one main compartment, one front compartment and 2 side pockets for water bottle and other accessories which are enough for kids of this age. It also has Dora and Boots printed 3D which usually attracts kids!

Dora Movie Rolling Backpack (Amazon)

Finding a backpack with wheels? This is the right choice. It has 2 options i.e. either wear it on your shoulders with straps or roll the wheels away! If you don’t want to carry load then roll the backpack with its wheels. Its large size will help you out carrying several books and stationery; it may consider as a laptop backpack. Also, it has colorful crayons print on its pocket which makes it bright and eye-catching for kids.

Boots Dora Mini Backpack Kids (Amazon)

Cool backpacks include this cute pink and purple bag with Dora and Boots printed on it which is very attractive! Try this bag for your younger ones as Dora the Explorer merchandise!

Dora the Explora Toddler Backpack (Amazon)

If you’re worried about the books and stuff getting ruined because of the lunchbox in the bag then this 2 bag deal is an amazing option to go for. This includes a bag pack for books and stationery stuff while another bag is specially made to keep your toddler’s lunchbox and water bottle so that the books and stationery in the bag pack don’t get ruined because of the lunchbox.

Dora Toys Sling Backpack (Amazon)

Wondering what type of goodie bags to distribute for this birthday of your girl? Try these amazing goodie bags having Dora the Explorer theme. Make your little girl wearing Dora the Explorer clothes. In the entire package, you’ll get 30 bag packs which are of really high quality and will be loved by the guests that come over your place and play Dora the Explorer games. Also, you can include a pack of crisp and cookies and it will turn out to be a perfect goodie bag!

Dora Doll Drawstring Backpack (Amazon)

This can be taken as a small picnic/ field trip bag that has the capacity to carry a pack of crisp, cookies, and a water bottle. It’s the correct choice for traveling to close by areas and making your child learn how to take care of their own stuff. Anyway, get ready for the Dora the Explorer movie which will be releasing soon. Including Dora the Explorer dolls and backpack collection, Click here to visit Dora the Explorer outfit and more Halloween Costume ideas.