Big Hero 6 based on the story of Hiro Hamada; an exceptional young robotics form a team of superheroes to combat a masked man. Big Hero 6 movie (first Dinsey animated film) features with Marvel comics characters. After this hero movie; the big hero 6 series debuted in November 2017 at Disney Channel. Scroll down to grab Big Hero 6 costumes for almost every single Big Hero cast.


In Disney’s Big Hero 6, Hiro Hamada (voiced by Ryan Potter) is the main protagonist. He is fourteen years old robotic prodigy and become the leader and founder of Big Hero 6. Hiro Takachiho with inflatable Baymax and other team member combat with the masked villain.

Hiro Hamada Hoodie Jacket (Amazon)

Big hero 6 Halloween costume includes this cool hoodie so you will have to get this for a complete costume. Also, you can combine it with a formal or a casual shirt and wear this hoodie with it. This will help you throughout the year no matter what season it is. It also has drawstrings and kangaroo pockets!

Hiro Hamada Cosplay Red Shirt (Amazon)

Do you like to be the center of attention? Then this flaming red color is must-try for you. Also, you can pair this red tee with a black, blue, white and almost any other color jeans and it will make you look awesome!

Disney Heroes Hiro Hamada T Shirt (Amazon)

Do you have a calm and cool personality? Then white is a perfect color to match your personality! Try this plain white cotton shirt and it will prove to be one of your favorite clothes in this hot boiling summer. Big Hero 6 full movie defines the importance of all the accessories show for Hiro Hamada Costume

Big Hero 7 Cargo Shorts (Amazon)

These cargo shorts are also an important part of this Hiro Hamada Costume as the major Big Hero characters. You will have to buy this olive-colored to complete the costume otherwise you have other options of colors as well to choose from. The plus point is that the belt is also provided with the shorts of the same color as the pants!

Hiro Hamada Sneakers (Amazon)

These sneakers also come in the complete set of the costume. They are a perfect option to wear in summers. Also, they are a top choice to wear for regular use and for all sports activities.

Yellow Shoe Lace (Amazon)

You don’t have to waste a new pair of shoes now just because of some default in the shoelaces. You can now get the shoelaces in almost all the colors that you will name and the best part is that these laces can be used in hoodies, sweatshirts, and shoes which means multipurpose shoelace.


GoGo Tomago (voiced by Jamie Chung) in Big Hero 6 is a tough, an adrenaline junkie and athletic student. Go go outfit; for physical activities and fitness in big hero 6 movies are outstanding. We all know that the inspiration for Gogo cosplay comes from bike messengers.

GoGo Tomago Wig (Amazon)

Big hero six gogo costume has this beautiful black and purple short hair wig in the complete GoGo Tomago Costume. Buy this to complete your costume set. This can later also be used to wear in any of the costume party which will make you look really beautiful because of the purple color it has.

Biker GoGo Jacket (Amazon)

We have women’s biker jacket also available now as there is a gradual increase in the number of women bike riders these days. This women’s jacket is made of soft lambskin leather and has a zipper closure. This will no doubt help you complete the costume but also can be used again to wear in winters while riding the bike.

GoGo Tomago Cosplay White T-Shirt (Amazon)

There is a piece of good news for women. It’s really difficult to find plain white and black shirts as we can pair them up with any color of jeans or an overall. So now plain colored T-shirts are available for women. The white Tee will help you for the GoGo Tomago Cosplay Costume and other casual and formal wears as well. Also, you can look up the other bright colors that are available.

GoGo Leggings in Purple (Amazon)

Women usually look for soft material of trousers, tights, capris, and leggings in this boiling hot summers so they stay comfortable throughout. These amazingly soft and comfortable Capri leggings are now available in more than 20 colors. Purple Capri leggings will help you look so attractive in the GoGo Tomago Costume and you can also choose other colors from the wide range of colors that are available!

Hero 6 GoGo Leggings in Black (Amazon)

Black color must be every women’s best friend because of the fact that you can pair up any color of the shirt in the world with black. Also black is a regular color and a must-have a color for leggings. You should definitely own a pair of this black Capri leggings for your regular use. The material is very nice and comfortable to wear in summers.

Black Gym Shorts with Red Piping (Amazon)

Workouts and Yoga can be very tiring. The important thing is that you should wear comfortable enough clothes to make your workout or yoga less tiring. These black gym shorts with red piping is a top choice of ladies to wear for workouts and yoga because of their comfortable material and easy-going workout abilities.

Big Hero 6 GoGo Costume Gloves (Amazon)

Looking for some stylish gloves for her? Try these black gloves in new style and cute color combinations which include black and purple and black and pink. You can also gift these to your wife or daughter as they will definitely like this pair of gloves.

Wrist Sweatband Purple and White (Amazon)

To complete the set of GoGo Tomago Costume set you will have to buy this purple and white wrist sweatband no doubt these wristbands are available in other colors as well but if you’re following the GoGo Costume then you’ll have to buy these purple wrist sweatband only!

GoGo Tomago Shoes (Amazon)

GoGo Tomago Costume also includes these black sneakers for the complete set. It also offers these same shoes in white color if you wish to buy. This also includes double hook and loop closure.


Wasabi Big Hero 6 (voiced by Damon Wayans Jr.) is the member of the organization made by himself and his friends. Big Hero 6 Wasabi is the top student at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology in physics.

Super Hero 6 Wide Headband in Yellow (Amazon)

Looking for a head sweatband for women to complete your workout outfit? Check out these amazing bright colored headbands to match any colored outfit for your workout!

Hero Six Wasabi Wig (Amazon)

Planning to buy Wasabi’s costume? Then definitely remember to buy this Wasabi’s wig which is the cutest of all the items included in Wasabi’s costume! This can later be used as a prop in concerts or costume parties as well.

Wasabi Big Hero 6 Heather Green Sweater (Amazon)

This sweater can also be used as a sweatshirt to wear. This is an amazing option to buy for winters for you. The color is heather green which is absolutely an eye-catching color. Also, single and calm colored sweaters are now in trend these days.

Wasabi Cosplay White Shirt (Amazon)

It’s really difficult to find a plain white T-shirt for men these days so don’t miss this amazing opportunity to buy a plain white tee for men. This is a part of Wasabi’s costume and also you can pair it up with any color jeans for your regular use later on.

Hero Movie Regular Fit Jeans (Amazon)

Regular denim fit jeans are now available at a very cheap price which you won’t at all regret buying as jeans is a part of an outfit which can be used again and will definitely not get wasted!

Split Toe Wasabi Boots (Amazon)

These amazing and comfortable shoes are quite durable, especially for watersports. The best part is that these shoes can be worn by males and females both as there are no gender specifications in these shoes. They are really soft and comfortable to wear. And you if you want to complete the costume of the Wasabi then you’ll definitely have to get these boots.


Fred (voiced by T.J. Miller) in Big Hero 6 is a loveable, childish and friendly persona with his own sense of humor. He is the eccentric son of a wealthy couple; optimistic by nature and borderline annoying for other team members of big hero six.

Fred Blue Monster Knit Beanie Hat (Etsy)

Blue Monster Knit Beanie Hat is an essential part of the Fred Halloween costume. This blue colored knit hat is so cute. Also, you can use this knit hat in winters to cover your head and ears after you’re done with the Halloween costume party!

Fred T-Shirt (Etsy)

Are you Fred fan? Get this gloomy red T-shirt with a high-quality exclusive design printed on it. You can pair this tee up with black or blue jeans and you’ll look amazing!

Fred Big Hero 6 White Long Sleeves Shirt (Amazon)

Plain shirts look so attractive just because of their simplicity and single colors. This plain white shirt is one of a kind. We also have black in option but for Fred’s costume, you will need the white shirt.

Fred Cosplay Army Green Cargo Shorts (Amazon)

Big hero six Fred costume also includes these Fred Cosplay Cargo Shorts which are of knee-length. Fred’s costume includes Army Green colored shorts but we also have other colors in options for you!

Big Hero Six Costumes Sneakers (Amazon)

Looking for comfortable and relaxing sneakers? These sneakers will meet your specifications for sure. They have cushioned footbed which helps your feet stay easy throughout the day. These are a top choice for long walks to keep your feet comfortable. Also, they will help you complete Fred’s Costume Set!

Disney Big Hero 6 Leaf Green Shoe Lace (Amazon)

Have your shoelaces worn off? No need to throw your shoes away just because of the laces. You can now get laces of almost all the colors and put them in your shoes and your shoes will look as good as new.

Fred Alien Necklace (Etsy)

Planning to wear identical Alien necklace for Fred cosplay. You will find accurate design and color necklace the product page.


In Big Hero 6, Tadashi Hamada (voiced by Daniel Henney) is the major Big Hero 6 characters and the older brother of the Hiro Hamada. He the brilliant inventor, who build a robotic healthcare companion named Baymax.

Tadashi Hamada Hat (Amazon)

Are you a diehard fan of Tadashi who is the creator of big hero 6 Baymax? Then Tadashi hat (cap) that he wears is a must-have for you! The plus point of this cap is that this cap is adjustable with the help of a stick-on at its back so size won’t be a difficulty for you to select and everyone can easily wear it by adjusting the size accordingly!

Tasashi Hamada Cosplay Blazer (Amazon)

Tadashi Hamada Costume includes this Dark Green Blazer in its set. Though we have other eye-catching colors of this blazer too for your choice but to complete Tadashi Costume you will have to buy this Dark Green one. The thing is that you can take this blazer casually as well with a tee and a pair of jeans!

Tadashi Costume Camel Cardigan (Amazon)

Do you want to look exactly like Tadashi? Then you will have to buy this Light Heather Camel-colored Shawl Collar Cardigan Sweater. You can also lookup other attractive colors which will make you look so amazing and beautiful this winter season for casual!

Tadashi Hamada Shirt (Walmart)

Looking something in Baymax collection for adults (men)? Baymax costume adults introduce you to the Black and White Blue Print Image tee especially designed for men. This shirt is full of memes.

Tadashi Cosplay Dark Brown Work Pant (Amazon)

These dark brown straight pants for men can help you complete the Tadashi costume as well as can be paired up with any tee and help you form a casual outfit! Also, you have a variety of other colors other than brown to choose for your casual outfits.

Tadashi Sneakers (Amazon)

These sneakers are of such a charismatic color which will make you stand out in a crown because of its attractive color and as well as Tadashi’s shoes. So are you planning to buy this pair of sneakers? Because you won’t get another amazing opportunity as they are right now available at a very cheap cost!

Messenger Bag (Amazon)

Looking for something cool and easy to carry bag for your laptop and other essentials to work? This messenger bag is a superb choice for this scenario. It is specially made as your laptop bag. Also, it includes other front pockets for some stationary, your phone and charger, and other essential things. The belts are a security for your laptop and other things! This is a bag that men and women both can use.


Honey Lemon (voiced by Genesis Rodriguez) in Big Hero 6 is an eternally optimistic mad scientist. She is a member of the Superhero team and sweat personality; sometimes lose temper.

Honey Costume Yellow Yoga Headband (Amazon)

Would you like to add a bandana headband to complete your yoga costume? Look up this cute yellow colored headband which will complete your yoga outfit as well as Honey Lemon Costume! You can use this in two places!

Hero Costumes Honey Lemon Glasses (Amazon)

Bored with the regular style of frames of glasses? Try this new light-weight and comfortable frames in an amazing eye-catching color. It has a plastic lens and is a good choice for both genders and people of all ages. You will also be provided with a cleaning cloth a case to keep your glasses in safe and great condition!

Honey Lemon Cosplay Yellow Cardigan (Amazon)

Do you women are looking for something unique and in dazzling color for winters this time? This yellow draped cardigan will definitely make you look so attractive. Also, it has long sleeves and is made of amazingly soft material which won’t irritate you in harsh winters. It also offers other amazing beautiful colors!

Honey Lemon Dress (Product Page)

This Peter Pan Collar High-waisted women’s pleated dress is such an adorable-style dress which will make you look gorgeous like anything! This is a top choice for women to wear in summer because of its comfortable fabric and such an amazing color.

Lemon Costume Tights (Amazon)

These shimmery footed-tights will help you pair it up with the Honey Lemon Dress and also other dresses in your wardrobe. This will surely turn into your best friend especially in summers when you will be wearing pretty dresses and will be needing these the most!

Dark Skin Socks (Amazon)

Socks are an essential part of small dresses which women wear in summers. We have the most important and basic colors that include white, black and brown which are must for every woman’s wardrobe. Get these high-quality socks at a very cheap price now!

Honey Cosplay Yellow Pump (Amazon)

Now we also want matching shoes with the Honey Lemon Dress! Look up these beautiful ankle strap pump short heel shoes in yellow color which will complete your Honey Lemon Costume. We also have other exciting and bright colors to match your other outfits!

Button Series For Cardigan (Amazon)

Are you wasting your new cardigan just because of a button or two that have come off? Don’t do that as now a 6 button pack is available in different colors and different styles. Buy these buttons and continue with that favorite cardigan of yours.


Baymax is the human health care robot built by Tadashi Hamada. Several programs inserted in the form of a chip that provides information to big hero six Baymax regarding human health.

Baymax Inflatable Costume (Adult / Kids)

Big Hero 6 series reveals the great work of Baymax for the team as well as for humanity, therefore, you will also look a loveable character during Baymax cosplay.

Red Baymax Costume (Adult / Kids)

Followers who are interested in the Big Hero 6 games will love to wear Baymax armor suit. In this DIY guide, you have several choices to select you Halloween costumes including the attracting collection of the Big Hero 6 girls. Including above Click Here! to see Marvel Costume for Halloween and Cosplay.