Johnny Silverhand (Keanu Reeves) is the main character in the tabletop game series Cyberpunk. The Matrix, John Wick, and Bill & Ted are the blockbusters movies before the Cyberpunk 2077 by Revees. He is the core character in the CD Projekt game. It follows up from the RPG called Cyberpunk 2020. To check the DIY of the Solo Cyberpunk keep scrolling and collect all the accessories of the Johnny Silverhand costume.

Black Modular Vest: Amazon

Project red required a heavyweight webbing modular vest. The padded rubberized shoulder has a builtin shock stop and a zippered front with two quick-release buckles.

Robot Arm: Amazon

Johnny Silverhand robot arm made with high-quality material. This arm is an identical piece of Winter Soldier costume. Cart this item if you don’t have one.

Dog Tags: Amazon

There are several colors of Cp2077 are available on the product page of our Amazon Store. Select the displayed one as the identical accessory for the Johnny Silverhand cosplay.

Red Aviator: Amazon

Keeping you in fashion with Cyber 2077 accessories; 10 different colors of sunglasses are available at the product page. Select the one you like along with the Cyberpunk 2077 costume accessories.

Steampunk Brass Silver Bullet Belt: Amazon

Identical steampunk bullet belt wore by the Silverhand in the Cyberpunk 2077 game. It contains full of artificial bullets that are far enough for Cyberpunk cosplay.

Brown Leather Pant: Amazon

Premium quality leather pant is highly recommended for the cosplayer in brown color. It contains 2 Side Pockets, 2 Rear Patch Pockets, and a Coin Pocket.

Silver Sterling Ring: Amazon

Add this Silver ring from the collection of engagement ring available at the product page of the Jewelry store. Along with this costume, prop buy a wedding ring for your partner to tell how much you love them.

Black Boots: Amazon

After having black boots you have collected all the accessories for the Johnny Silverhand cosplay. Hey! don’t forget to visit our gaming costume collection for more Halloween costume ideas.