Doomeratte or Doomer Girl meme is supposed to represent the emo or goth girl. She is one of a series of memes that became much more common in the early part of 2020. She has used reaction memes to deride women, demonstrate their viewpoints and reaction to things. The dark memes have black hairs; simple makeup with a pink blush works on all skin tones. A pendant choker and black sweater is the part of the Doomer Girl costume accessories. Black pant and black velvet boot are perfect to finish out the meme for a head-to-toe costume.

Doomer Girl Wig: Amazon

Let’s begin this guide with the black short hair to become the perfect best memes. The product page contains several other colors of the bob cut wig. It is good for weddings, parties, cosplay, raves, clubs and evening out.

Pink Blush: Amazon

Doomer girl makeup is very simple. Apply this pink blush on your face wisely to prepare yourself for the Doomer girl cosplay.

Black Choker: Amazon

Black pendant choker necklace with the black crystal made of cotton. It will give you the charming look in other attire as well. It is a great accessory for everyday wear and the perfect gift for all occasions.

Black Sweater: Amazon

Black sweater rounds out the visible parts of the meme. You will find colors on the product page of the Amazon store. It is soft and comfortable to wear.

Black Pant: Amazon

Slim lace-up legging is one of the required costume accessories for the Doomer Girl cosplay. Stretchable black legging will give a sexy look and eye-catching.

Black Boot: Amazon

After having this black boot in your bucket you have collected all the merchandise of Doomer Girl costume for Halloween and cosplay. Hey! don’t forget to visit our core collection of Halloween costume ideas.