Mother (Amanda Collin) is the main character; in the television series Raised by Wolves. She is an android sent to the planet Kelper-22b to raise the children to repopulate the new planet. The reason behind this task as the Earth has been plagued by war between atheists and followers of the Mithraic faith. Marcus in this regard makes their way as well; causing conflict between the Father, Mother, and the Campion. Mother from Raised by Wolves costume was very simple. Scroll down to grab all the accessories for the raised by wolves costume.

Gray Lycra Body Suit: Amazon

Let’s begin this costume with the dark gray lycra bodysuit with feet. However, there are several options to cart this suit in pure leather. This suit is perfect for the mother cosplay; alternatively perfect as per your budget.

Black Chord Necklace: Amazon

A wide range of sizes is available for the 2mm necklace chord. It can be a necklace chain for your charm, a bracelet. an anklet to match your different styles. Besides, these leather rope are completely waterproof with a stainless steel clasp that won’t turn your skin green as other inferior products, which will really get your adrenaline pumping in outdoor adventures.

Gray Draw String Pouch: Amazon

A Gray pouch is the mandatory costume accessory for the Raised by wolves cosplay. A string necklace will help you to tie it up on your neck.

Wig Cap: Amazon

You have two options for the Amanda Collin cosplay. Either make a hair cut like the Mother or buy this bald cap and wear a short wig along with it. The second option is reliable for Mother from raised by wolves costume.

Men’s Wig: Amazon

Once you have decided to go with the second option; you need to add this men’s short wig into your bucket. By following all the steps and collect the entire item DIY costume you are ready to cosplay this character for Halloween. Our costume library has numerous collections; visit to grab more ideas.