Glitchtrap is the original murderer/antagonist in the video game Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted.  He is the digital virus; confirmed by William Afton and also referred to as the Anomaly by Tape Girl. To escape the digital world; he merged with the players. If you are considering this costume for the child; take a brown bunny suit as a base.

Brown Bunny Ear Hood: Amazon

This costume guide is beginning with the bunny ears. The product page contains numerous colors; we suggest your collect the one showed above.  It is made of a unique design and you can bend it to any angle.

Light brown Costume gloves: Amazon

The gloves are very soft and warm that’s means you will enjoy wearing them and hold to anything very tightly with wearing these gloves. The product page contains a very good collection of colors; The page gives you to choose one of your best colors.  It is made very unique and comfortable for you.

Glitchtrap Costume Purple bowtie: Amazon

Bowtie is a very modern and fashionable design. It is amazing to with this costume design they attach a bowtie, which provides you a very modern and fashionable look. You can wear the bowtie anywhere and for any purposes; e.g parties, events, weddings, etc. It is really notable thing in this costume bowtie, we have many more colors of this product as you like much.

Cropped purple unisex vest: Amazon

The main part of this costume is about cropped purple unisex vest, who makes the character very attractive and terrible looks. The unisex vest is many different usage purposes. You can enjoy and feel fit with the unisex vest. You can choose your best-wearing color, which makes you perfect.

Light Brown Animal Paw Slippers: Amazon

The light brown animal paw slippers are our best design and it is for fun and enjoy. These are ultrasoft and cozy inside, these slippers transform your feet into bear’s feet.  Make your moment with a bear monster feet costume.

Brown Unisex Fleece onesie: Amazon

This is an imported zipper closure. It is also made for adults who want to make their moment memorial. The material of this product is very ultra-soft and fleece, you feel very incredibly comfy and keeps your body warm, the product has a very long zipper which helps you to easy to wear and enjoy your party very comfortably, the product has many colors and designs, choose your one of best and make your moment memorial.

Child`s Brown Bunny Suit: Amazon

The child Brown Bunny Suit is a onesie costume, the costume makes your kids funny and joyful you must have bought the Child Brown Bunny suit costume for your kid.

Glitchtrap is a digital virus in the game,  costume is the main lead to play a Glitchtrap game character.  We made this DIY guide for you with very great designs and feel you to comfy after wearing the costume. This is for kids and women and men, make your moment joyful and memorial. Click here if your have an interest in gaming costumes.