In Amphibia, Sasha Waybright is 13-years old human girl. Before her teleportation to the Amphibia; Commander Sasha attended Saint James Middle School. She is a friend of Marcy and Anne Boonchuy. She appealing, convincing people in the surrounding,s and serves as an anti-heroine in Amphibia. Keep scrolling to collect all the accessories in the Sasha Costume.

Green Teal Blazer Jacket: Amazon

The Jacket is a very impactful and modern design; in the series, Sasha looks like a modern anti-heroine. This blazer specially made for all types of purposes, e.g; parties, office, events, and any other event. The page gives you lots of colors as you want

James’ Middle School Crest T-shirt: Etsy

The second part of the costume is Anne Boonchuy T-shirt. The logo of this T-shirt is defined Sasha’s character, which she wore in entire series of Amphibia. The T-shirt material is very soft and cozy. Collect your favorite color from the varieties of colors.

Wow Pink Polo Shirt: Amazon

The pink polo shirt is of excellent quality and the fabric is too cool and very comfy. The pink color is one of the favorite colors of girls. We made for you to choose one of your best colors which gives you a beautiful look.

Rose Pink Pleated Skirt: Amazon

The pink pleated skirt is matched Sasha’s pink polo shirt, which is an attractive match to Sasha costume. The costume provides many colors of a pleated skirt on the product page. Choose your favorite color other than the DIY and make your moment memorial.

White Crew Socks: Amazon

The  White crew socks are cozy and comfy. The socks are perfect with the Black mary jane shoes and suitable for the costume. The material of the socks is too good; you will enjoy it after wearing these socks. The product page also provides many more designs and colors.

Black Mary Jane Shoes: Amazon

Sasha Waybright always prefers the black mary jane shoes, and the shoes are looking very great on Sasha’s character. The shoes made from 100%  Leather and good to use for all kinds of usage at school, office and casually and many more as you want.

Fresh Green Backpack With Brown Leather Bottom: Amazon

The backpack is very strong and easy to carry anywhere, you can use it on your trips and school. The page suggests you many other colors and designs for backpacks.

Pink Fluffy Pom–Pom Keychain: Amazon

The Pink fluffy pom-pom keychain is related to a backpack. The keychain is attached with Sasha’s backpack zipper chain, it looks great and combination with the backpack is awesome. you can attach the keychain with your home keys, mobies fancy back pouches, and many more. It’s good to collect we have chosen your best one. Click here to collect costumes of Cartoon and Fairy Tales.