A veteran speedster from Earth-3 and a vigilante called The Flash. He was found by the black flash/Hunter Zolomon/Zoom, an evil meta-human speedster from Earth-2. Later prisoned and forced to wear an iron mask to damp his powers. From the Flash 1990s show, John Wesley Ship, an original Flash actor in the Flash CW’s show; who appears as both Barry Allen’s father and real Jay Garrick from his native timeline. Collecting a few accessories to make your own Jay Garrick costume for Halloween and cosplay.

Red Crewneck Shirt: Amazon

You have multiple options to cosplay the Flash season 7 or the Flash season 6, but now you can try Jay Garrick cosplay for Halloween. Initially, you have to collect the red crew neck shirt from the Amazon store.

Iron-On Transfer Paper: Amazon

After having a redshirt you need to stick Iron-on with the help of the transfer paper. With a little effort, you will make godspeed the Flash costume on your own.

Metal Flash Helmet: ebay

Flash helmet is one of the mandatory costume accessories you need to become a part of the Flash TV show. You will find this item on multiple websites but we prefer this one reliable.

Navy Blue Sweatpants: Amazon

Besides the Flash series, it is comfortable sweatpants that you can wear casually as well. Multiple colors are available on the product page.

Red Boots: Amazon

From Barry Allen the Flash till entire the Flash Dc; these boots are the trademark of the character. We have several other colors of the boot available on the product page.

Black Belt with Silver Buckle: Amazon

After having a metal belt you have collected all the accessories of the Jay Garrick costume for cosplay. With little effort and courage, you are ready for Jay Garrick’s cosplay. Including the Flash, you may have other DC comic costumes for Halloween.