Bibi in Brawl Star is a short-range fighter with high health, moderately high damage output, and extremely fast movement speed. She uses a baseball bat to strike enemies and charging her swings with a knockback attack. To damage enemies, she applies her super spitball (pink bubble) that bounces off the wall until it disappears. If you really want to hit a home run with a Bibi costume you got to equip a baseball bat with a lever trigger on the handle and chain a black 8-ball to the end.

Purple Faux Leather Moto Biker Jacket: Amazon

Brawl star merchandise begins with the purple biker jacket. This jacket is cut from purple faux leather and outfitted with all the expected details take from the biker-babe classics.

Pink Flowy Crop Top Tank: Amazon

Attire to keep you in with the recent fashion. Soft cute sports crop tank top, perfect for yoga, workout, active or casual at home. You will find several other colors on the product page of the Amazon store. 

Black Scoop Neck Racerback Crop Top: Amazon

Multiple colors of the crop top are available on the product page of the Brawl Stars shop. DIY will help you out the perfect getup for Brawl Stars play.

Black Jeans: Amazon

Generally, women have black leggings matched with several attires. You will buy other colors as well from the Brawl Stars shop other than cosplay purposes.

Black Combat Boots: Amazon

Brawlify will have these black combat boots for identical attire of Bibi cosplay. Apart from Brawl Stars cosplay, you will use these boots for several other purposes.

Cute Lapel Pins: Amazon

Make you fashionable and attractive with Halloween elements. Lots of ways like putting on shirts, backpacks, clothing bags, hats, jackets, jeans and so on. 


Silver Aluminum Baseball Bat: Amazon

The baseball bats are constructed from a durable premium quality aluminum alloy. The baseball bat top is a concave design, which further increases the strength! after having all the accessories in your bucket you completed your Bibi costume for Halloween and cosplay. Click here for more Brawl Stars costumes.