Rey (Daisy Ridley) is one of the main protagonists in the Star Wars franchise. She gave her first appearance in the Force Awakens and reprise her role in the Rise of Skywalker. Reylo is scavenger left behind on Jakku during her childhood. Rey brings hope to the Galaxy on the brink of war. She discovered herself as a latent-Force Sensitivity. She lost her family for an unknown reason. Droid BB-8 kick off an adventure for REY when encountering it. Keep scrolling to collect all the accessories required for the Rey Costume from Star Wars.

Adult Rey Costume: Amazon

Rey Costume

Let us begin this costume guide with the Rey outfit she wore in the Force Awakens movie. Rey costume includes a deluxe top, elastic waist pants, detached sleeves, cuff, and belt with pouch.

Rey Staff: Amazon

REY staff

To continue the tradition of the strong female character add this Rey staff for Halloween and cosplay. Costume props help you portray the character in an accurate manner.

Rey Eye Mask: Amazon

Premium quality eye mask with a hood as worn by Rey in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. You will find elastic straps along with the eye mask.

Heather Gray Long Sleeve Tunic Knit Top: Amazon

Notch Neck Long Sleeve Tunic Knit Top: $32

It is not for sure that you will collect all the accessories for Rey cosplay. Cart only those items which satisfy your wearing. The product page contains several colors of the top to keep you in fashion.

Zipper Slouch Ankle Boots: Amazon

Rae Star Wars cosplay need this ankle boot which is identical with the Daisy Ridley hot wear in the movie. You will different colors of the boot on the product page of the Halloween store.

Medieval Belt and Sword: Amazon

Medieval Belt and Sword

Made with high quality dark brown leather with medieval double wrap belt with a sword for Rey Solo costume. Have Fun for costume parties, cultural events, and more.

Leather Cuff Bracelet: Amazon

Most of the accessories for rae star wars cosplay are in fashion and leather lovers don’t miss any chance for collecting any of them. You will find the identical bracelet on the product page.

Small Canvas Messenger Bag in Brown: Amazon

Small Canvas Messenger Bag in Brown: $31

Made with geniun leather; smart and well-organized selection of compartments for stashing chargers, keys, and mobile phones. Multiple pockets are available for cables and accessories.

Motion Boot Cut Pants in Sandstone: Amazon

Ryka Women's In-Motion Boot Cut Pants in Sandstone $28

Sexy Rey costume can be made by lessing some of the accessories displayed above. With regards to her popularity, love and attraction many women followed Daisy Star Wars for cosplay in Halloween. Not even she looks cute in the movie the cosplayer who followed her in Halloween looking very beautiful and courageous for being Rey as their Idol.

From the Star Wars collection have this BB-8 operated with the smartphone or tablet, it recognizes and reacts to your voice, you can record and view virtual holographic videos. The most important thing is BB-8 has its own mind with a unique attitude.

B.B. 8 Robot: Amazon

We are pretty much sure that you like our collection of Rey Star Wars costume. For more Halloween costume ideas regarding Disney cosplay, Click here