People around the globe married; spent their entire life with their partners. They promised not to make any personal relation to any other person instead of their partner. But it is a fact that human being needs some changes in their life. These changes do not mean that you can change your, sex for pleasure partners. However, there are many people around the world who find a new partner for their sexual relaxation on a daily basis. Thereafter they won’t remember each other.

All such set-up starts with drinking BEER in the bar/ parties organized by friends and colleagues. These parties are the beginning of a new relationship, sleep, and broken.

But if we look in some areas of third world countries still some people are unaware of what intercourse is. Both husband and wife were guides by their fellows verbally; what they have to do on the wedding night. When they meet lonely in the room, how they going to start? What will they do to begin the session and how they end?. This was the situation faced by most couples of villages in third world countries; the ratio of success is 20% for perfection. The reason behind this was that they both are nervous about how they will start, follow up, and end. sometimes they forgot to follow the instructions and mishaps happen.

In some cases, the partners can’t properly understand what they have to do to complete their intercourse session. If anyone among you is lucky to have a chance to intercourse with his partner when her vagina was sealed; you people better understand what happens at that time or all women are well ware who passed through this process. Those people as being unaware of the opposite sex can’t find the hole of the vagina to put penis in it and only do Kissing & hugging.

In another situation in which the couple spends more than a month to searched the vagina hole for intercourse. However, women can’t also properly define the place to insert the penis and get real pleasure; for the reason that they were doing all this process in little darkness.

And these are the people who once get succeed can’t stop, repeating this process ultimately and make women a baby born machine. Although the government is providing awareness regarding birth control they don’t. They do not even use the pill or the best condoms to control the birth rate. They need their plastic-free pleasure.

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