Star Lord the coolest personality of the Galaxy. He did many adventures with his crew in the galaxy. Being a good leader he easily motivates and directs his team to perform the most difficult task with bravery and trust among each other. If you thinking this Halloween to look like Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord. It is the best choice you have ever made. He is a love interest in Gamora and did his ever to save her from the Thanos in the Avengers Infinity War. Keep yourself ready to become the lord of the Galaxy and scroll down to collect all the accessories of the Star-Lord costume for Halloween and cosplay.

Star Lord Costume Guide

Star Lord Helmet / Star Lord Mask: Amazon

Moto Bomber Guardians Jacket

Star Lord Jacket: Amazon

Star-Lord Yeah Baby Tee: Amazon

Star Lord Belt: Amazon

Water Proof Trauser

Star Lord Outfit Waterproof Trouser: Amazon

Star-Lord Knapsank: Amazon

Grippy Grain Half Chap Tall

Grippy Grain Half Chap Tall: Amazon

Diameter-Garzo Loafer

Diameter-Garzo Loafer: Amazon
Star-Lord Quad Blaster: Amazon

After you have collected all the accessories; you are ready for Star Lord cosplay. There are other GOTG characters with equivalent power and skilled; kindly consider their abilities and knowledge. There are some other GOGT2 Merchandises are displayed below.

Legendary Outlaw Grey Shirt

Star Lord Marvel T Shirt: Amazon

Movie Poster BUNDLE

Movie Poster BUNDLE: Amazon

Star Lord Mask T-Shirt

Star Lord Mask T-Shirt: Amazon

Becoming a Star Lord is an honor for the cos-player who is the main character and the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy 2. He is a very courageous and task-oriented character who never step back due to any fear or greed. The accessories shown above will give you an identical look to the Peter Quill Star Lord. Every single product is easily available at Amazon Store; don’t have to worry about the stock. Further, if you are planning to cosplay Guardian of the Galaxy character at Halloween then you must follow our collection.