Batman, its allies and villains made the DC Comic popular among fans and followers. Bane, one of the supervillains in Batman history. He appeared on different occasions in the movies but the best character played by Tom Hardy. He did his best effort in The Dark Knight Rises with awesome acting and perfect vocal delivery. This amazing villain is like and followed by a huge fan. Most of them adopted immediately Bane costume for Halloween & Cosplay; scroll down to collect all accessories in this regard.


Bald Cap: Amazon

Let’s begin this guide with a bald cap, otherwise, you have to bald physically.  However, in this context, if you already have a bald cap then skip this item and switch to the next one.


Green Military Men’s Leather Vest: Amazon

The green military jacket is the signature brand of the Batman Bane costume. Made with faux leather and best for Halloween and cosplay. You will find another product for Bane cosplay on the Product page of our Amazon store.


Bane Mask: Amazon

Bane mask yet another accessory for the Bane cosplay. Visit the product page to check two different varieties of the replica Bane mask for Halloween and cosplay.


Brace Leather Wristguard: Amazon

Replica wrist guard wore by Bane is available on the product page of the Halloween store. Make yourself comfortable within the gauntlet worn by him the Dark Knight Rises.


Tom Hardy Tactical Pants: Amazon

Tom Hardy did a fabulous act in the movie. However, he did not succeed in his mission; Batman controls the entire situation.

Batman Bane Costume Swedish Bomber Jacket: Amazon

Decrum is a well-known brand for the leather jacket. A leather shearling coat is durable, comfortable and stylish to be used for cosplay and in winter.


GI Type Jungle Boot: Amazon

After having these boots in your bucket; you have collected all the accessories for the Bane cosplay. Click for Halloween costume ideas for our core collection of the Halloween costume.