Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) is the superhero identity of Carol Danvers. She is a former US Air Force Pilot; accidentally her DNA fused with a Kree and she has been imbued with superhuman strength, flight and energy projection. She rescued the earth in the middle of an intergalactic conflict between two alien factions. From 1967 she is accumulating fans and in 2012 it get boom. Female cosplayer are inspired with the Captain Marvel movie. Scroll down to grab Captain Marvel costume accessories for Halloween and cosplay. (Related: Captain Marvel Merchandise)

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Marvel Costume Navy Blue Pant: Amazon

Captain Marvel pant made with synthetic leather, adjusted to the leg shape and soft material for comfort. Fashionable leather legging is best for Halloween, clubbing, Christmas and fancy nights.

Captain Marvel Wig: Amazon

Blond hair style is adopted by Carol in Brie Larson movie. There are several Halloween costume ideas are available in Amazon store.

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Carol Danvers cosplay gloves made with high quality leather. You will find arm band along with gloves at the product page. If you can’t build trust with the store than select the Captain Marvel comic glove.

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Carol Danver Cosplay Costume: Amazon

Including Miss Marvel costume in PU leather we add Spandex suit in this article for budgeted Captain Marvel outfit from the cosplay store.

Kids Carol Cosplay: Amazon

Original Captain Marvel will be seen in our teen. Blue and red long sleeve padded jumpsuit, printed boot tops on legs, belt; pull on face mask with attached hair and mesh eye opening are available at the product page. 

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You will find Marvel legends by applying this costume. Like red and blue leather jacket we gather this one from the Marvel superheroes collection.

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Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Leather Jacket: Amazon

Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Leather Jacket

Now it time to look into the past and try Captain Marvel comics costume. Captain Marvel leather jackets in different style and designs are available at the product page.

Captain Marvel Comics Costume: Amazon

Made with Spandex fabric, close fit and Closure zipper at front. Package include jumpsuit, Captain Marvel pin, belt, gloves and boot cover.

Avengers Endgame Quantum Suit: Amazon

Inspired with Captain Marvel Carol Danvers appearance in the Avengers Endgame; we include Quantum realm suit in this DIY guide. 3D digital print turtleneck unitard long sleeves body suit has zip at the back.


Searching of female superhero costume; we find some necessary clothing wear Carol Danvers in casual. Brie Larson wear these outfit at the time looking for her past. Scroll down to grab costume accessories of the Brie Larson costume.

Carol Danvers Cap: Amazon

Carol Danvers Captain Marvel cap is specially designed for the Brie Larson cosplay. This unisex cap is available in single at the product page.

Marvel Captain Marvel Distressed Leather Jacket: Amazon

We found little confusion in Carol Davers casual outfit. Some online stores are selling black distressed leather jacket; closer look to the movie shows that she is wearing leather jacket in olive color. We displayed closely accurate design and color.

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Captain Marvel merchandise are uncountable; we share a few in this article. See more Captain Marvel Merchandise from Marvel store by Click Here.

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Captain Marvel gave this pager to Nick for emergency contact. Material PVC, durable and collection-able for long time as Marvel merchandise.

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