Deadshot a super-villain turned antihero. He is the most active member of the Suicide Squad. He looks awesome while wearing his mask; that provides him perfect aim quality to hit his target. He is as sharpshooter than Hawkeye. He has been loved a lot by the fans while appearing as Deadshot in Suicide Squad. Cosplayers look amazing when wearing the costume of Deadshot. Scroll down to collect Suicide Squad Deadshot costume for Halloween and cosplay.


Deadshot Costume: Amazon

Let’s begin this costume guide with the Deadshot outfit. It includes all the accessories of the costume on the product page of the Amazon store.


Overhead Lighted Latex Mask: Amazon

Lighted Deadshot mask is the perfect item you select for cosplay. It is imported and hands washable. It is necessary to add this merchandise into your cart to look identical to the character.


Deluxe Deadshot Adult Gauntlets: Amazon

Deadshot gauntlet designed to used by the adult and teen. This is the right time to create your own brand of DC superhero. Help yourself to become a part of the Harley Quinn and other members of the Suicide Squad.


Specialist All-Weather Shooting/Duty Glove: Amazon

We suggest gloves specialists in all weather, shooting, etc. Synthetic leather is used for extreme grip and excellent feel. Hook and loop closures keep gloves firmly in place.


Drop Leg Gun Holster: Amazon

Time to think where will you put additional guns and magazines. Cart this 3 pcs holster for perfection and outstanding appearance of the Deadshot.

BT-M82 fully automatic Electric Rifle: Amazon

History of DC Comic reveals that Deadshot counted in top sharpshooters of the world. To make your aim accurate collect this weapon as the main prop of the costume accessories of the Deadshot cosplay.


Leather Combat Boot: Amazon

Leather combat boot to feel a real man of the DC world; no matter he belongs to the category of the super-villain. Feel yourself comfortable in the shoe made with motorcycle tire sole.


Will Smith Jacket: Amazon

This William Smith costume jacket is optional merchandise for you to collect; it gives you identical feelings of the character even wear casually.



Like Deadshot costume; you will consider the William Smith attire he wears as an ordinary guy to meet with her daughter in the movie. Scroll down to collect more accessories for the superstar costume.

Leather Slim Trench Coat: Amazon

Will Smith Deadshot wore a leather trench coat in a dark red color; closely resemblance with the coat of Suicide Squad Joker. You will find more colors of the high-quality PU leather Jacket on the product page.


Slim Faux Leather Pants Black: Amazon

Deadshot DC was in the style of Richman who want to meet with her daughter; hiding his identity as a Deadshot. We figure out his style of the leather pant to keep the accuracy of Will Smith cosplay.


Turtleneck Shirt: Amazon

Turtle neck shirt is the best companion of us during winter. Interest to buy different colors visit the product page; Deadshot arrow wore black attire as a whole.


Stainless Steel Pendant: Amazon

Deadshot comics reveal that he is the sharpshooter in Gotham city.  Alike Spies in Disguise he wore a stylish outfit as casual. Gold plated pendant in different sizes with chains are arranged for Deadshot cosplay.

Fingerless Gloves: Amazon

Leather accessories are reliable and long-lasting. There are several materials online that help you to care for your leather good for years. Leather fingers less are here in different sizes for each of us.

Gangster Hat: Amazon

Black fedora gangster hat is the brand representation of the Suicide Squad cast. The fashion hat is best for classic wise guy costume. It suits to cosplay a Gangster, a Private Detective, or an Elegant, Well-Dressed Gentleman from the ’60s.


Harley-Davidson Men’s Manifold Boot: Amazon

After having this black boot you are ready for Will Smith Deadshot cosplay for Halloween. Get ready for the Suicide Squad 2 and its costume DIY. Hey! don’t forget to visit our collection of the DC Comic for more Halloween costume ideas.