Red Hood is an alter ego of Jason Todd in Batman series, who make the city clean from crime in Gotham. He him-self a Justice who wash out the Gangs operating with a different crime by his way. This act was later supported by Green Arrow, Nightwing, Robin and Onyx against the black mask. Scroll down to collect all the accessories of the Batman Red Hood Costume for Halloween and cosplay.

Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood leather JACKET

Batman Arkham Knight Red Leather Jacket: Amazon

Let’s begin this costume guide with the Red Hood leather jacket available at the Amazon store. High-quality synthetic leather has been used in premium stitching. A complete vest is included inside the leather jacket.


Red Hood Mask: Amazon

Without having an identical red hood helmet; you can’t perform the red hood cosplay flawlessly. There are more varieties of PVC masks are available for the Akhram Knights fans.


Men’s Ovik Winter Trousers: Amazon

A grey winter trouser looks better for red hood cosplay. You will find varieties of colors and designs on the product page to accumulate your collection of attire.


Glove for Airsoft Hunting Shooting: Amazon

Focus on aim and become a sharpshooter you got to add these hunting gloves in the accessories of the Batman Red hood costumes. Visit the product page to access more colors.

Pistol Belt with Dual Mag Pouches: Amazon

A high-quality pistol belt required for the storage of magazines and holding for guns. There are several other options for the tactical belt that are available; not recommended to cosplay Red Hood.


Pleaser Men’s Halloween Walker: Amazon

Consciously a cosplayer act a particular character for Halloween and cosplay. He personally absorbs that character to perform an identical act. For such a reason similar boots suggested wearing.


Elite Tactical Left Handed Leg Holster: Amazon


Elite Tactical Right Handed Leg Holster: Amazon

Technically both the holsters required for Batman Red Hood costume. Take a look you have anyone; just focus to collect the other one or vice versa.

Red Hood Cosplay Gun: Amazon

After having an airsoft gun in your bucket; you are ready for Red Hood cosplay. Collect all the accessories of the Batman alleys for Halloween and cosplay. Grab more ideas and visit our core collection of the DC Comic costume for Halloween costume ideas.