The Little Brother of Mario and the famous character Luigi being the second player of the game. Usually, younger brother faces the situation after the appearance of an elder brother in the game. When this character arrives; it comes into our mind to cosplay him; with the identical costume for game cosplay. In this guide will cart Mario Bros Luigi costume for male and female. Scroll to collect all the accessories of the Luigi costume for Halloween and cosplay.


Let’s begin this costume guide with the accessories of Luigi cosplay for men. You will collect all of them with the link given below. Don’t forget to check the quality and reviews appear on the product page.

Long Sleeves Green Shirt: Amazon

Like Mario, Luigi costume is quite simple; a few changes required to convert from Mario costume. Shirt made with pure cotton; read more featured on the product page of the Amazon store.

Bib Overall: Amazon

Most men and women love to wear bib overall in casual. If you already have the same no need to add this item into a bucket. Buy this one which is similar in style, design, and color with the character.

Nintendo Super Mario Luigi Kit: Amazon

Accessories are available all in one kit; include pair of gloves, self-adhesive faux mustache, and Luigi cap. All the products are hand wash and officially licensed.

Dress Shoes: Amazon

Having these costume shoes; you have collected all the accessories of the Luigi cosplay. We prefer you to collect all the accessories for flawless cosplay.


Like a male costume, we love to display accessories for the female costume. We know that women Luigi cosplay will make you appealing and stunning.

Missy Fit Long Sleeves Shirt: Amazon

You will find varieties of the colors of the long sleeves for women on the product page of the Halloween store. It is affordable and available in all sizes.

Denim Bib Overall: Amazon

This is an imported quality denim bib overall; displayed here for you. You got to collect this item as a mandatory costume accessory for Mario Luigi cosplay

Nintendo Super Mario Luigi Kit: Amazon

In accordance with the men costume; collect Super Mario Luigi cosplay kit for women. It contains a pair of gloves, a self-adhesive faux mustache, and a Luigi cap.

Lace-Up Shoes: Amazon

After having costume shoes in your bucket you are ready to cosplay this character at Halloween. Nintendo Super Mario other characters are gathered here for your attention. (Related: 14+ Super Mario costumes)