Max McGrath along with his alien companion Steel enters into an adventure; combine to form an immense power to become turbo-charged superhero max steel. He was just a normal man but after meeting with steel he knows his hidden powers which were given to him by his father, who believed that his son is the only one who can save the world. Steel, the alien machine train max how to use his power to run faster than others, to fight like steel, etc. Scroll down to collect all the accessories of the Max Steel Costume for Halloween and cosplay.


Max steel cosplay needs some extra efficiency and power. You just have to focus on the character and steel to make a perfect combination in convention and Halloween.

Max Steel Costume: Amazon

Officially licensed Max costume is available on 3 different sizes on the product page of the Amazon Store. The package contains a jumpsuit and a mask.

Super Mesh Motorcycle Gloves: Amazon


The movie costume is quite different from the comic costume. Further, the weapons used by max steel will complete the costume to show the tremendous power of max steel.

Max Steel Interactive Steel with Turbo Sword: eBay


Both the weapons are required to collect for perfect cosplay. However, in a case may be anyone item is available you can manage the situation accordingly.

Max Steel Turbo Blaster: eBay

After having both the weapons in your bucket you are collected all the accessories for Max cosplay. Both the weapon are unique and easy to operate and play by your kids after Halloween. Max steel appears the first time in the movie with some new features and extra-ordinary powers. We are pretty much sure that you like our collection of Max Steel costume and also share this guide with your friends and family. You will check several other comic cons and game cons for Halloween and cosplay.