Upcoming movie Justice League is a structure to receive the appreciation of all DC Cinematic Universe struggle. Like Captain America Civil War in which Captain has recruited his team for certain unfinished business. Similarly, Batman in this movie recruits the DC most super brand to work him as a team in a mission to face an undeclared villain. It is a tough job for Batman to recruit individual superheroes; with the unique skill to serve and save the world.

It will disclose soon in the near future about the deadly thinking of the Villain. Concentrate how batman selects best seven including him to challenge someone who is the real enemy of the world. We like to share our views regarding the recruited member of the Justice League:-



Batman is the father of DC world, he has been famous since it first releases a comic book. After having such popular achievement many children including elders follow him. In order to continue such popularity, DC Comic continued writing and started animated movies on a big screen. Batman started his journey lonely with the support of his best companion Robin which was unfortunately died. After that, a Robin was introduced by DC Comic in Batman Game Arkham City. Although we have noticed that there are some other superheroes working in the same pattern as Batman but they have their own justice especially in Gotham City like Red Hood, Green Arrow, Nightwing, and Onyx. The value of Batman is the same still in the eyes of fans. 


According to the comic book, Superman was dead after the Dawn of Justice by some enemy which is still hidden by the filmmaker. Every single one knows the abilities of Superman so it is difficult to digest the news of Superman death. Fans are crazy about Superman and Supergirl as much as they can’t control themselves to look like them. DC comic has given Superstars loved and honored regarding their message giving skill, positive thinking and work harder at all stages of life to control the enemies.

Like these Superheroes every person has some weakness, it doesn’t matter that you will surrender yourself in-front of worries. Worries are the krypton in your life, it makes you weak, useless and unhappy. You have take control over your worries which are your enemies with the similar spirit and power of positivity. Superheroes and Superman treat us and give us the message of boldness and confidence in life to take care of others.

Wonder woman:- 

One of the most beautiful women of DC comic which was introduced with a unique ability and fighting skills. Wonder Woman sometimes found working with superman and most of the time with Batman in animated movies. It seemed in fan art that Wonder Woman had found her true love in Superman rather than Batman but it wasn’t true. Cos-players who cosplay her looks so pretty and attractive. To elaborate more skills of wonder woman with individual appearance and treat the enemies in her own way.    


Mera, the Queen of Atlantis and the wife of Aquaman. This character is appearing first time in DC Cinematic Universe which is played by the most sizzling and the most charming star Amber Heard. It was still pending to discuss her role and the reason behind her creation for this film. She is the wife of Aquaman and has identical skills and power. In conclusion, they are the rulers of Aqua and their duty is to serve their life for the betterment of their people.


DC Fan is well aware of the power and skills of Aquaman through the reading of different versions of Comic book. See Aquaman’s skills in the movie and his past Aquaman movie. This character will need a perfect body and extra-ordinary skills which will be beautifully played by Jason Mamoa. Fans who love him and want to cos-play him need some physically build body or you can try this artificial build body costume with the wig to show the perfect look of Aquaman. Aquaman does not believe the story of Batman regarding the enemy of the world; immense power can be control by the team of Justice League.

The Flash:-

Ability to do anything faster than others, this skill makes him different from other but still some personalities who have the identical skill to walk faster like a light as QuickSilver, Reverse-Flash, Zoom, and Max Steel. But the Popularity and fan accumulation of the Flash is being the same. Maybe the reason behind this is that he is still on-screen with Supergirl on her show. Flash has a unique power of fast running; recruited by Batman to work with him. With his power, he can control the time to do work, to reach any place faster than a car, etc.


Cyborg the metallic machine which was discovered by his father after the attack of a monster. He is one of the main characters in teen titans. He has immense power and skill to control the enemy with his latest weapon fitted in his body. This character has similar power as the Ironman has the only difference is that Ironman has designed his own costume with the help of technology while Cyborg gets misfortune and his father gave him that look with extraordinary power and skills. Most of his body parts have replaced with metal to save his life. The character has loved from his appearance in teen titans.