Doctor Strange, the owner of invincible power and ability to connect with the spiritual side of the universe. Every single one who are in habit of reading comic book have better knowledge about the back ground of Doctor Strange that being a Doctor how he become strange. You may know, that the name of Doctor has been finalized later before making of film, however in past days Marvel has decide his name would be Mr. Strange which was similar that Mr. Fantastic. Anybody can feel and have the Power of Doctor Strange to see and play with the real world of spiritualism by doing lots of meditation and to make your life simpler. Meditation will not only enhanced your inner power, it will also give you a successful life as compared to your past.

Consistent practices of meditation will give you the abilities & qualities of Doctor Strange. As we all aware that in recent days Comic World are facing the greater revolution in terms of competition and the Comic industry is giving their best Super Brands who are trying to rule the hearts of their readers and viewers. After buying Comic Book, fans are getting interest to continue it, these type of practice will not only boost the sale but it also creates a reason to buy other merchandise as well which is related to the Comic character either the superhero or the super heroine who is introduced in that comic series. According to a survey it was found that the main areas of selling merchandise are costumes. Fans love to look like their superheroes and want to Cos-play them anytime and anywhere where they want. Not only children love to wear the costume of their Super Power, adults are also showing their interest in looking identical within those attractive look. It does or does not mean to impress their girlfriend or boyfriend, it may be because they are showing to their surrounding that they are interested to follow the thinking and working of their Super Hero by saving this world, taking care of others and always respect people of our locality. It is also reveals that other related goods are also sold in a huge quantity as people want these product being a memento for their fan fiction.

Doctor Strange found with many Super Qualities and extra-ordinary power along with divine knowledge. I prefer if anyone could built the habit of reading religious book especially topics related to the spirituality he/she may be able to connect themselves with the essence of the movie and get understand the reality of the power that the Marvel Super Magician Doctor Strange have. Like we are well aware about the best quote that “the especial power will give greater responsibility”. So, it is an established principle that all the superheroes are bound to save the humanity and the world.

Like other action movies with action heroes of Marvel including the Captain America, Spider man, Captain Marvel, X-Men etc. Doctor Strange is working within the same orbit but different from other Super Skills humans, the fighting style he followed is totally different when compared to other that is the reason that people are waiting to watch this movie on big screen as Doctor Strange is something different in ability related to other Super Stars. Marvels has introduced different characters in each new movie to introduce their unique powers and accumulation fan fiction till it maximum level. The new concept of making Superheroes united in one platform to face and control the difficult situation regarding to save the world from destruction and instead of working with individual skill all should have to work as a team. This was introduced by Marvel and DC Comic. Captain America Civil War is the best example where different powers are united to do their jobs in order to save the world.
Different powers with different abilities make the superhero unique among other but their qualities has been copied by other Comic book with different name, character and appearance. Lets compare the power and looks of different Comic Brands, you will see that almost all the Comic Book Publisher are in close watch on other. They are also following each other to publish their brand prior which was then copied by other having similar in power but different in appearance. This was happen just to balance the fan accumulation among the other and become a best seller of that time. If we consider only the big Cinematic Universe i.e. Marvel and DC, both have their own Superheroes and Super sexy Heroines with identical power to each other but different in look. Focusing on the fact that the power of Superman was Super seated by Thor along with hammer the extra-ordinary power and similar in skill with Superman. Robocop and Max Steel be the alternate of Cyborg etc. This is not a point to criticize but this a point to appreciate that by making of these type of movies they are not only earning revenue and increase the circle of their fan. They are making people happy and relax from the hazardous surrounding of their life in which they living with a great burden of work.

These movies are not only displayed for open sales, the introduction of new Super Brand will lead to future compensation in continuation with fiction and making attention of fans. They are also having target to sell a lot more other merchandise related to the Superhero which they are presenting in a Comic Book or in a Movie including the other characters and their costumes. Looking Marvel, DC is also planning to make a team name JUSTICE LEAGUE in which Superheroes with different skill are recruited to unite and face the greatest villain of the history.
doctor-strange-in-justice-leagueFans are waiting to see the character of Doctor Strange on screen since 1970s. Doctor Strange as compared to the movies and animated series look different and strange but it is a fact that it was acted by the similar Star who played Sherlock Holmes recently. That’s why some of the writer signaled the viewers that be careful he is not a Sherlock, he is Doctor Strange. In this movie the cloak of Doctor Strange not only look amazing but it also looks differ with costume cloak in the comic series. Further the eye pendent wore by Doctor Strange be completely different with the story version in comic book and animated series. You can order these merchandise anytime if you love to have it.

If you are thinking that only buying of the costume and accessories of Doctor Strange will give you the power to deal with the consciences in the world or in your life. You must think few step further because without peaceful mind you can’t do anything. Even the pendant wore by Doctor Strange can’t help you out, however, millions of buyer have already ordered it, not only for Cos-play but to feel the inner power of it and they may thought that by wearing these accessories they will receive automatically the divine power & knowledge of the Universe like Doctor Strange have.
While considering the Halloween, number of stores are providing the facility of DIY Guide to make the costume of Doctor Strange and to be look him during Cos-play. Similarly you can also check other merchandise and accessories in that online stores. Wearing these products will give you the better feel & look of Doctor Strange. The runway of the popularity and fans are increasing day by day of Super Marvel Magician and artists are making fun with Marvels and DC Super Stars. Especially, they focus the love affairs of the Deadpool and Harley Quinn in a fan-fiction and fan-art which is impossible to happen in real. Because they both belongs to different family and they both have their opposite gender to love with in their desired series. Close relation of Deadpool and Harley Quinn were applicable if both the comics are united and allow both of them to make their love successful and born Harley Pool and Dead Quinn. I don’t know whether this type of permission will make the Joker or Copycat to commit suicide or not. Further, may be Batman would ashamed of not impressing the super sexy women prior than the Deadpool and the Joker. Although Batman have their regular affair with the Wonder Woman. While some of the fan-art showed that Wonder Woman is also making her relation with the Superman which is unjustified and unacceptable by the other fans and lovers of both Batman and Wonder Woman.

Looking Strange that Marvels does not left the Spider-man alone, they rebirth the Mary Jane, allow spider to bit her and made her Spider Gwen, who is identical in power and skill as the Spider-man have. Doctor Strange is still alone with his power he did not find his best fitted Woman yet who also belongs to the Super Community. The world was secured by the abilities and care taking qualities of Super Heroes since the beginning, recently Comic World have change the trend quietly and introduced Super Heroines which are also love and Cos-played by the fans. Looking consciously regarding the fan accumulation of Super Heroes and Super Heroines you can see that fans love and like women a lot. They are inspired by their good looks, sexy feature and attractive outfit. I wonder a Cos-Player had Cos-played Harley Quinn just for the reason that he be the greatest fan ever around the world.

Doctor Strange, right now, be pure from the love attraction of woman after becoming the Super Magician among us. May in future, the series of Doctor Strange will allow any Super Sexy Lady with unique skill, ability & outfit to enter in the life of him by the Marvel Comics, whose duty to love him, to live with him and support him in his work. Fan-art will make this happen prior the thinking and decision of Marvel organizers, who may allow any lady from X-men, Avenger, Justice League, Captain America Civil War to work harder with Doctor Strange or may Harley Quinn take interest in him. Suppose if April O Neil (Megan Fox) take interest to work with him then none of the viewer took their eyes away from the screen. The beauty and sizzling look of Megan will not be beaten by the Emma Watson even if she caught in unbelievable collection.
emma-megan-doctor-strangeJust for an instance if we allow fans to make pair of Doctor Strange with any Marvel or DC Super Woman they will start their fiction instantly to make Doctor’s relationship with multiple heroines at a same time. With the attraction and mind controlling power of Doctor Strange he can easily control the mind of either Wonder Women, Spider Gwen, Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy, he can do anything and everything what he want from them. If this will happen, then all the Super Heroines will gone to die or come in the control of Doctor Strange. This strange situation will make all the Super Heroes SAD because they are nothing without their pair. Don’t worry this will never gone to happen in any manner because separating love bird from their pairs will make the destruction of the Comic World. Because, Spider-man will look ugly with Wonder Woman Similarly Superman Will look ugly with Poison Ivy. So, if in any case Marvel want to engage Doctor Strange with any beautiful Queen they will have to create the new one with unique abilities who can handle the power of Doctor Strange even spending time privately.

Let play with the characters of Marvel and DC comic under the roof of Doctor Strange, who already have their relation from work to bed. First and most popular couple is Joker and Harley Quinn. They are with each other since from the beginning of Batman Series. They both can’t left each other anymore even in Suicide Squad where dashing Super Heroes are already working together with Harley Quinn, she never divert her concentration from Joker to Deadshot or El Diablo. But she was got fun by the fan-art who make her private relation with Deadpool in a manner that both got connected with each other on the bed. If this relation can continue without precautions I wonder Harley Quinn will definitely pregnant and give birth to a baby. This is already happen if you look around the world that people are Cos-playing their Super Heroes by making different pair which are out of the thinking of Marvel and DC. These Cos-players Cos-play together, gather opposite attraction towards each other because every single beautiful well figured woman who Cos-played Harley Quinn looks very hot and sexy such that her partner can’t stop himself if he get chance to drive her on the bed. Similarly, those Cos-players who are Cos-playing Wonder Woman either with Superman or Batman will face the similar situation to control their feelings towards each other.
cosplayer-private-relationshipOn the contrary, if we start talking about the sexy looks of the Cos-player with dissimilar appearances, we can’t forgot the beautiful sexy Cos-player of anime. They are amazingly gorgeous, looking attractive, well figured and lovely. We will discuss about Cos-players and their amazing Cos-playing look particularly on convention, Halloween or casually, later in my next blog soon. Right now, I am going to stop those irrelevant sexy talk as it will switching the main topic of Doctor Strange into the article in which you can found the poorness of some areas of third world countries where still people are unaware of the opposite sexes.

If I get chance, I will unquestionably recommend the Doctor Strange to become the father of Marvels Comic & Marvel Cinematic Universe, because he is unique in his power to deal with the enemy and their mind with his imagination. He can also control any ordinary human being or Super Brand if he want to without any ones help and support. Further, if we just think the darker side of his power and knowledge, we should need multiple Super Heroes to be united in one platform to deal with him. Because in the appearance of villain, Doctor Strange can be in a manner to rule this world by controlling the mind and powers of any Super Brand and all the Super Brand will loses their identity, their powers and the most important thing is their girlfriend which they have. Doctor Marvel will make them unfortunate for their life by taking all their belongings into his custody and utilize it according to his need. I know that in recent movie he is really a Super Magician but we have an opportunity to see the other side of Doctor Strange. May be in future Marvels switch him according to our suggestion and make him Super Villain of this Universe.
doctor-strange-a-super-villainAnyway, if fight begin and Marvel wants to destroy the Universe of DC then they make Doctor Strange the biggest Villain of the millennium against them, who can not only take their Super Power in his custody but also took their other belonging with him and enter them into the attractive world of Marvel Comic and Marvel Cinematic. May this type of action will affect the life of Super Heroes from DC Comic and they can understand the feeling of ordinary man who not even have no super power, no money or any girlfriend to spend some time with him. All we know very well that every man and every woman need their partner to share their feeling, their love and attraction, their frustration and their special movement with each other. Super Heroes will get these facility instantly instead of ordinary man, even that number of women around the world want them, like them, love them, want to live them and do anything for them whatever they want. I wonder if Doctor Stranger start his search after displaying this movies he will definitely get millions of ladies in the form of fan who not only want him but can do anything for him.

Marketing strategies that Marvels Cinematic Universe applied for the sale of Doctor Strange movie is amazing, however the movie is pending since a long time due to some reasons to cast and that is the biggest reason for its late release. The first show will definitely hit the limit and movie will earn a lot of remuneration with in short span of time to all the record of previous Marvel Movies. Doing Strange, looking Strange and selling of all related strange merchandise will definitely show the huge number of fans in the market. It is also pertinent to mention here that this movie is making some tension on the heads of other Super Heroes of DC & Marvel Comic that what if their fan accumulation will go down and Doctor’s fans will have absolute increase. This can easily be understand after few shows of Doctor Strange on screen that whether he hit the records or not, the nightmares of other Super Brands comes true, he can either control the fan accumulation of other Super Powers with his magical skills or all the marketing strategies will going to be fail as same situation was already happen in the movie cast by DC Comic namely Suicide Squad.
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