Poison Ivy Batman is an appealing and the stunning beauty from DC comics. Green Ivy is the master piece of several qualities and skills to controls the mind of her victim to perform crime according to her will. There is no home remedy for Poison Ivy treatment because all DC fans knows that her first kiss having poison vines while second kiss cure the poison of first kiss.



The information regarding Poison Ivy rash and its treatment are easily available at google but here you may also find different style of Poison Ivy Halloween costume in this article. So why are you waiting for scroll down to grab the best suit for you.


Poison Ivy Cosplay Costume: Amazon

Product page contains adjustable dress, mask, glovelettes, Poison Ivy costume boots cover, leggings, detachable train however for wig keep scrolling. Feel the part of Poison rash you may wear this outfit at several events other than Halloween.

Poison Ivy Wig: Amazon

Show me Poison Ivy… where she is… seriously you look awesome in the identical red wig. For accurate look this wig will be necessary with all types of Green Ivy costume. However, many cosplayer are crazy to look alike Poison Ivy killer therefore dyed their hair with red color.


Poison Ivy Leaves: Amazon

Poison oak covers the lower area of Poison Ivy body. These leaves are also feature as Poison Ivy medicine but this will not enough to look alike Bombshells Poison Ivy. Therefore, you have to work little hard for Poison Ivy oak on skin.

Sexy Poison Ivy Costume: Amazon

Every woman has different perception regarding her body some likes to be simple while wants to look very hot. Beauty of woman never measures by her body, it reflects from her character and living style.

Poison Ivy Body Suit: Amazon

Poison oak symptoms do not appear in the sexiest parts of the body, therefore, you may cover other parts of your body in the outfit shown above. The fact is that everything depends on liking & disliking of people and the place you are visiting because event decides what to wear and whatnot.

Poison Ivy Glovelets: Amazon

Whatever the outfit you select you required this glovelets, it gives you identical shot for Poison Ivy. Plus size woman do not have to worry because we are pretty much sure that you also look outstanding in mini costumes as shown above.


Poison Ivy Costume Tights: Amazon

Sexy costume mandatory have sexy leg and Poison Ivy tights will make your leg super sexy and eye-catching. Be-careful it also make you nude from the bottom.

Poison Ivy Mask: Amazon

After having Poison Ivy mask in your bucket you are ready for Poison Ivy cosplay at Halloween. There are some other style of Poison Mask are available at store but we prefer the displayed one. However if you are good in makeup than watch this video.

Poison Ivy Costume Child: Amazon

Poison Ivy Child costume has identical demand as compared to the Poison Ivy Corset Costume. All these packages are available at Amazon Store for you convenience.

Poison Ivy Outfit: Amazon

The product page contains all the accessories as shown above further by wearing such a nice outfit you will look alike Poison Ivy and only you have the Poison Ivy remedy.

Sexy Ivy Maiden: Amazon

Strapless style romper for Poison Ivy cosplay is another option among all the attire you already saw in this article. Now you have to decide which costume will make you pretty, stunning and sexiest poison ivy among all.


Including females, males are the biggest fan of Poison Ivy reaction, many of them Cosplayed her at Halloween. So, you can’t get rid of Poison Ivy collectibles, let’s check out some of them displayed below.

Poison Ivy T-Shirt: Amazon

Poison Ivy is the dream girl which only accessible to Batman for love and relation. Many fans are true followers of her but can’t approach Poison Ivy bumps therefore they collect action figures for their home and office. There are different other types of Poison Ivy action figure available in store with sober pose as well as sexiest one, now make your choice and place her in front of your eyes as Poison Ivy relief.

Poison Ivy and Band Tank Top: Amazon

Another awesome collectible is the printed Poison Ivy Tank Top. We heard that many couples are Cosplaying Poison Ivy and Batman this Halloween. Making fun with relationship that Batman attract towards the Poison Ivy according to DC Comic and they come so close to each other but some articles shows her sexual relation with the Harley Quinn also. They  in love, doing Crimes together, have lots of fun and pleasure. Later Harley Quinn found identical attraction in Joker and then in Deadpool that gives birth to Harley Pool and Dead Quinn.

Poison Ivy Bathing Suit: Amazon

Everything that related to Poison Ivy soap till poison sumac soap will have extra-ordinary features. Fans want to look alike their Super Star and we all know that Poison Ivy is one of the best female super villain.

Let this guide be ended but it does not mean the popularity of the Poison Ivy removal. Whenever discussion related to DC Star begin it seems the name of the Poison Ivy cure appeared in top of the list. With this ultimate costume guide and collectible you can give yourself an identical look in the Poison Ivy plant. For more DC Comic Costume, Click Here!