Reading positive comments from the fans of Doctor Strange movies. We inspired to collect Doctor Strange merchandise from the Halloween stores. We appreciate your positive review related to costumes, collectibles, and act. Benedict Cumberbatch has a huge list of fans who love to see him as Sherlock Holmes. For such reason, Marvel has decided to cast him for this movie. It was pending for such a long time; they don’t want to take any chance to make this movie flop. The same happens in the movie cast by DC Comic as “Suicide Squad”.


The super magical power of Doctor Strange took complete control on the minds of fans and fans have started their fiction related to this character. If we are thinking that Doctor has limited power identical to that of Marvel Comic and DC Comic allotted to each Super Heroes belonging to them, we must be joking at this point, because according to his feature, quality and ability, he is something very different among other Super Quality humans. By making fiction story other than DC or Marvel which is completely related to Doctor and other Comic Book Super Heroes and Super Heroines, it is a shocking moment where all the Super Heroes of either Comic have fear with Doctor that if he want he can utilize his Divine power to make other Super Hero powerless and useless for this world in which they have huge devotees. We are here to share some these fiction, the fear of Super Heroes and love/proposals of Super Heroines to Doctor Marvel with or with the use of his power.

Fear of Super Heroes with Harry Potter After few Movies:-

Making of good Super Hero is a time game and it took sometimes to get popular within the reading, writing and viewing community. Similarly, the combine effort of the team of Comic Book from its story writing till its published, marketing and sale will make it successful among all. I saw this in different blogs that all the Super Heroes have similar fear with Harry Potter and his Series at the time when he became adult. His lovely style, charming feature and other extra-ordinary skill would attract the Super Heroines towards him. A fan-fiction also reveals that most of the Super Women did not left any of his episodes. Good Luck! to Super Brands that their fear be overcome when they saw that he get married in the his previous episode “Deathly Hollow” with Ginny instead of the most lovely lady in his team, Emma Watson (amazing beauty).


Including the safety of World Super Heroes are very conscious about the woman to Marvel and DC who made their pair for love. Curiosity in the story build when they found that some of the Super Heroines from Comic World had taking interest in the look, appearance, power and friendly nature of Harry Potter. Not only this they are planning to find their way to meet him and propose him for the immense love and wisdom because he is the chosen one who can only a reason to destroy the Voldemort from his Lordship. That is why he did his ever best to destroy the seven horcrux of Voldemort. Further, while reading all the book and watching all the episode of the Harry Potter, I found that this fiction has totally related to Hindu Mythologies. The name use by J. K. Rowling in the entire story of Harry potter from start till the Cursed Child was entirely related to the religion of Hinduism like Nagini, Hermione, etc. I don’t know whether anybody noticed these facts or not. Further, fans all around the world has started the collectibles of Harry Potter and making competition by themselves to show themselves as the best and biggest fan of Harry Potter. In continuation of these fiction stories soon we can see on screen the related series of Harry Potter before his birth in the name of Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them.

Super Heroine’s interest by sending proposal of Love to Doctor Strange

After publish of Doctor Strange Character in Comic Book & the trailer of the Block Buster movie many of the Cos-player especially girls and other woman showing their warm interest in Mr. Strange. They started buying Comic Books and read it very carefully, page by page as such they will not have to miss anything related to the Doctor. They also watching the animated series of him in which he also work with different Super Heroes in a platform for combine mission. It is openly available on Google that not only man Cos-played Doctor Marvel this Halloween but a lot more woman had Cos-play by wearing his costume. Doing flirt with their partner and having fun with each other. They also perform their act and looking perfect in their outfit.


May be the reason behind wearing costume of Doctor Strange for Cos-play by ladies are that they want to impress their partners, friend and family. There might be a reason behind wearing of costumes by man as they want to get chance for date with other Cos-player who are in the costumes of any other Super Heroines. And they may goes faraway on the track of love and making relation and fiction have better chance to make rumor about the unmatched pair with each other. Further, this Halloween shows a lot more woman fans of Doctor appears physically to propose him for their love and want to make good relation with him. For the said purpose many of the Super Queen has approach us through our facebook & Twitter page to share their feeling about Doctor which are published below containing their proposal of love and other.

Cos-Player Proposals to Doctor Strange

Before touching the description and feature of Super Queen from Marvel and DC Comic we would like to check the feeling of real followers of Doctor Strange in which some had share some words with us. Like they feel Doctor inside their body not in the form of baby but in the form of love, however, we did not check whether any of lady was pregnant or not. Further, female who entered into the love with Doctor have no matter whether she is engaged with anyone, married woman or having their own kids with them, they are ready to be opportunist if in any manner they have a chance to propose Strange or can spend a little time with him either in the form of date or any other reason. Woman’s are actually crazy about him, although we all know that he has a power to can control anybody to act what he want but I think he don’t need to do this because he don’t want any pleasure from any fans, on the contrary his fans are ready to serve him any ethical or unethical services.


Further, if this fiction gets true and Doctor allow every fans to live with him specially the ladies then think how this world look like? I mean if number women are living in the shelter of Doctor than the men had loses their love queen now and forever till Doctor Want them to go back to their lover, husband etc. Furthermore after this incident many self-respected male will commit suicide because their lives are nothing without their wives, lover, roommate or girlfriend. It may impossible for Doctor to accommodate millions of lady at his place but he is a magician and can do anything with his power of imagination in which he can accommodate every single human of this universe at his place. He is very intelligent and instead to taking ladies physically from their partners he started to live in their heart and thoughts.

Harley Quinn propose to Become the Joker

The most prominent, powerful, attractive, beautiful, gorgeous and sexy Villain of DC Universe. No body get stand in front of her beauty and villainous character. Whatever the costumes she wore in different series give her superior sensual look among others. Her body feature and figure attract millions of follower of her, they cannot even blink their eyes when she was standing in front of them. Her popularity self-define that a man Cos-player who wore her recent costume of Suicide Squad and another had ask a question that if he want to buy the Harley Quinn Cos-Play Jacket whether it will accurately fit on his body as of course it was designed according to the bust size adjustment to the ladies. Talking about the beauty and fan accumulation of Harley Quinn never get ended. Some fans were made her relation with Deadpool thinking identical crazy style like Harley Quinn.


This time fans like to make a new story in which Joker and Deadpool are set a side make her interest and relation with Doctor Strange. Like other woman she also get impressed with the power, positive thinking and knowledge in Comic books and Movie. It is sometime very difficult to assume that you are in love with any man or woman and to whom you like to spend much time or rest of your life. Indistinguishable situation arrived in this case where Harley Quinn get confused because from the beginning of Batman Series she is always with Joker in his psychopathic activities to destroy the Gotham City. Later, she was exposed herself in the fan-fiction by making her physical relation with Deadpool, which still many fans are not accepted. Further DC and Marvel Comics will not allow to make their relation on or off the screen. The similar mix-up create at this stage in this story when she love to show her interest in Marvel Super Strange instead of any DC Comic Super Heroes.


Further, In order to overcome the chances of war between DC and Marvel Super Heroes she give her suggestion to Doctor Strange that if he want he can control entire situation by changing himself through his power and wisdom form Doctor to Joker like he did previously form Sherlock to Doctor Strange. Form this platform we delivered her suggestion to Doctor that she has very much interest on you and willing to make her relation with you, to love you, to play with, to make fun with you like she had the same with Poison Ivy and Joker in past.

Mind Blowing Proposal from Black Widow

Being an Agent of Shield she is giving her best to save the Humanity, however, in some cases they unfortunately have to take some worst decision which may save huge community with lost of a few lives. And for such an act they are ashamed of their selves but this not make their life end any more. As we all know that Comics create Super Stars and give them long lives under the protection of their Super power, their style of creation and their back history. Avengers are made to live and serve humanity and not to die at any cause. With this long life and super fighting skills Black Widow give her proposal to Doctor to live a Super Strange life with her. When she get free from the shootings of her movie of Captain America Civil War and started to search some new task to work with community. Although she was engaged with the most brave and strong man Captain America in love and also having some uncensored relationship. She tried to contact the Doctor Strange, as he belongs to the same universe to work, spend time and make relationship with each other. By doing this act she did not think once that what happen with Captain if in any case she got associate with Doctor and left the team of Avengers.


She in character a lady who only make strong focus on her work and after work focus on her love. Critical situation appears in this case if Strange accept her proposal and her focus get diverted from Captain to Doctor then Captain will left alone with no girl in his life. Fiction make this happen any time and as per working under the roof of Marvel they allow widow to not being widow and permit to marry with Doctor. I wonder if this could happen then Marvel must have to change the name of Black Widow to Black Strange. As if story cast further and Doctor’s days are over she can be called with new name of “Strange Widow”. Making fun in the story Marvel may create such relation of Black Widow to Doctor’s Widow or Strange Widow.


Without considering the death of new Super Brand we must have to think twice about the outcome from the relation of Doctor Strange and Black Widow. Whether they both can live happy life with each other or making of this relation have no sense correlated to their future. Black Widow is no doubt so beautiful and nice lady which was acted by the most popular and most lovely heroine Scarlet Johansson. Her selection for this role is happen due to her huge separable fans as well as the variety of her act in these series from beginning till her last movie are incredible. Now, matter to thick that if Scarlet Johansson proposed Doctor with her sexy look and stunning style whether he accept it or not.

Super Girl’s proposal of Love and a Dream House in Sky

DC comic has made Super Quality gorgeous woman with Super outfit looking super hot in Comic World as well as on screen. Super Girl after getting popular from different season of TV shows and Comic Series decided to take some rest and start think about her future, her love, boyfriend and making of family. But during her work when she look Mr. Strange she can’t control her emotions and feelings toward him. She flew to meet and want to propose him at his place but unfortunately Doctor was busy in his work of magic and she did not get opportunity to contact with her. At last she contact us to deliver her proposal to the Marvel Magical Super King. With her good-looking outfit and pretty leg she had already control the minds of fans and fascination towards her. If you are thinking that in this complete scenario we are talking about one of the world sexy beauty Melissa Benoist than you are absolutely right. Because she is the one who flew from her cast to the set of Doctor Strange to meet him as she is not only a magician, he was also a detective in the eyes of devotees.


Narratively this relation will create a Super Strong couple who can not only fly in air but can live in the air after the making of imaginary beautiful house in the sky. As we better knows that woman always want a man who love her a lot, don’t stop her from shopping, don’t let her stay at home, allow her to make rooming around the world and last but not the least build a house away from the frustrations of this world. In the same way Melissa is thinking to physique the house of her dreams with Doctor Strange away from this world. Having identical skill of flying like Doctor she thought that she has prior right to make her family with Doctor. We had published her proposal for our reader which can easily be transported to Doctor Strange.

Captain Marvel & Doctor Strange

While listening about the visit of Super Girl to Doctor Stephen Strange she feel jealous and rush to find whether Marvel Magician accepted the proposal of the stunning less cloth girl, as she know that other Super Woman also send their proposal to him to become his partner and spend their life with him. But after receiving information through different sources she got relax that still Doctor is alone and started planning to meet Doctor to share her feeling with him. However, she better knows that if she could she can reach to him by the way Super Girl did but she decided not to meet him forcefully. As it is the natural phenomena that if you love any one you should have to be ready to sacrifices anything or everything for your love. True love does not mean to propose, dates, and later private time for love and live a married life. Because I found in most of the cases that people however feel lucky when they meet their love, engage with them, spreading their feelings on bed, share their secrets with each other and finally after few years separate with each other. Sometime the reason behind separation are due to unusual health of either partner.


Captain Marvel feels all such reason form the bottom of her heart, she never ever let her relation to be suffer due to any of such reason from present, past or in future. She has strong thinking and believe that if her love is true than Doctor will naturally sense her feeling and will come to meet her otherwise she will let her life alone without any Super Human from Marvel community.

Power Girl and Doctor Strange

Power girl the alternate version of Super Girl also show her interest in the Marvel King. She was actually designed to show the Super Woman within the skills of innocence among other, although she is full of power identical to the Superman and Super Girl. She was displayed with the costume having big hole on her chest. Later this was joke by the fan-fiction by making the size of her breast bigger with or without Breast Maxx pills in continuation with super sexy look with six abs appearing through her outfit. It is pertinent to mention here that this erotic look was Cos-played by number of Cos-player who love to show the shape of their bust to their surroundings, further some of the Cos-players have use breast Pump Pad in their Bra to increase the size of their bust to be fit with their body and figure.

It is clear while looking at the costume and the concept build by the fan-art that the Power Girl is an attractive athletic girl. With this super sexy qualities and being a single woman she tries to propose Doctor Strange but as she having no popular man through her back ground she is feeling shy to make direct contact with the Strange. However, due obligation of fan-art gives her a Super Breast naturally but still she is an innocent lady who believes in the true love and affection that is only related to the heart and not related to the body. DC has to make her couple with any new or old Super Hero to make her life perfect till than if she shows her love with Doctor Strange let her be try her level best to engage her time with him.

Copycat after having misunderstanding with Deadpool applied second chance to Doctor Strange

Copycat the Deadpool Sex Queen, when heard about the love affair of Deadpool with Harley Quinn she goes in to a depression. She later got to know that he is doing similar fun love exercise with Harley that he was doing with Copycat especially in Deadpool movie. She feels alone and want a guy who can share her feeling like Deadpool was doing in whole movie. It is clear by reading Comic Book or watching movie about the engagement and reason of meeting of both the couples with each other. They meet in club and finally spend their best to have internal fun which was continued till the end of this episode.

She was a big lover and care taker of Deadpool and don’t ever think to separate with each other. But Deadpool took his internal interest in Harley Quinn and spending his most of the time by moving around her like a puppy. He can’t value any one in front of the beauty and sizzling nature of Harley. This unexpected relation hurt Copycat a lot and making jealous with Harley she don’t want to take her love back. She want someone new to have love with, spend time and have better fun on bed. However she knows that Doctor Strange is innocent and positive thinking in nature and he did not believe in any type of private relation with any women.

Copycat although have a lot more control on her feeling that she is leaving without any boyfriend since a long time therefore don’t need a desperate private shaking from any one rather than her love. She is trying to have her love relationship with Doctor according his will. She at the moment only want his time to talk but it is a natural process that every Super Movie that contain Super Hero and Super Heroine would allow them to meet in date, having fun in the pub, drink a lot and finally windup their love on bed with some necessary movements. When they woke up in morning they felt they are unbreakable love with each other and they can’t live without their pair. But Copycat is clear from all these type of thinking right now she want to love and spend time with Doctor with a lot more talking even in any restaurant or public place with in allowance of Doctor Strange.

Arisia (Green Lantern) & Doctor Strange

Arisia the Green Lantern lady who transformed from thirteen years old lady to a beautiful blond due the magical power of Lantern ring. She want this because she is in love with Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) and want him to pay some attention towards her but being a kid in front of his eye he don’t let allow himself to make any type of close relationship with her. Later with the magical power of Lantern Ring when she became old in the form sexy lady with an appearance of sleeve less top to Green Lantern, he immediately understand about the reason behind her earlier adultness and that was the chief reason he did not allow her to make any close relation with him however she is now bigger to make any type of relation with any male if she want to but she only want Green Lantern to have this opportunity. It is further reveals in Comic Books that later he is taking interest in this lady and they both having happy relationship with each other. Moreover, this relation would never continue further and they both separated and started to live their own lives.

Arisia got separated with Hal after they both lost their powers and later this Super Sexy Lantern she started her career in the modeling. A lot more stories are available on Google and in Comic Books regarding her life but we are not discussing further regarding her life and her previous time, who left her although Hal knows that she was a true lover of him. She might fed up with modeling by demonstrating her body in different outfit in front of the huge followers and finding a best pair for her who make her happy throughout her life. She want to take another chance to live her life with Doctor. As in nature with power of Green Wielding in her ring and in new costume she is looking very beautiful that anyone can enter under the glass of her beauty. She only want this Marvel Hero to spend a little time with her and she is having sure by making this unofficial relationship Marvel and DC have no issue regarding their personal lives.

She did a lot for this world, green world and Hal Jordan. She need some change in her life but this change never make her switch from DC Community to Marvel because this make confusion among fans of both Comic Books as they are their Trademark brands. Fiction stories can make anything beyond your imagination and this will make any type of physical relation of Doctor with Arisia due to fan-art. In most cases these type of art make popular instantly, people love and comment on it. But this doesn’t make sense to act anything impossible. Our duty here is not to give our opinion or make any decision we are here to just deliver the messages of all Super Hot Queen to the Marvel Magician.

The Invisible Woman given invisible proposal to have relation with Doctor Strange

From the Fantastic Four the one and only lady enters into the fragrance of Doctor Strange and invisibly send proposal to him. I know the confusion that fans have, about the invisible proposal of a good-looking lady, how she did this, why she did this and what will happen to other Fantastic Three if she left the team and got merged with Doctor Strange. Through different sources she get awareness about the power of Doctor that he can enter in to the another world and get invisible to this world or can make the world of imagination where she is only spend her precious time with her true lover and do much more.

Having in love with anybody is an amazing movement that anyone can feel if he/she is in true love with him/her. Make sure there are a lot more difference in term Like and Love. When you see someone and want to meet them once and it gives you satisfaction it means you like him/her or you tries to have date with someone and then you have satisfaction when spending time on bed you like him/her only in order to satisfy your sexual need only. Some regular user of these habits thought that they are spreading love with different ladies every night to have fun with each other. I am not ready to talk any more about the precaution they are taking while engaging in this type of movement. Doing all these can satisfy your body hunger but what about the soul hunger because everybody have their soul mate to whom they love to sacrifice and no need for them to have physical relation.

The identical happening in the case of The Invisible Woman with Doctor Strange. Jessica is in love with Doctor although she has a family. She doesn’t even want to leave with Doctor; she wants to love Doctor. Jessica want us to share her feelings with Doctor Strange while not proposing him for affair, date, marry or any type physical relation. We appreciate the love The Invisible Woman which acted by Jessica Alba and her sacrifice for the sake of her family because she don’t want her individual  satisfaction she want the satisfaction of her family and this was the best decision I have heard ever.