Moana, the character given by Disney is the most courageous and hardworking lady. She is responsible and fun-loving personality. Fans who watch the Moana better know the background of the movie, how she was the chosen one by the ocean to return the heart of Te Fiti. She struggles a lot with Maui to achieve this task.

The reason behind the success of Moana is that she never stops for a silly reason, however, once she was distracted when Maui left her after severe crack on his fish hook. Not only Moana movie create interest among viewers, but Moana soundtrack also holds the entire cast of the movie. Following are the Moana costume guide for those who really are the fan of her:-

Moana Costume Adult: Amazon

She is a soft-spoken and lovely character in the movie who never act anything against nature. She only wants to save the people of her village that’s why she accepts the task to restore the heart of Ti Fiti. Her costume guide begins with the Fairy Tale dress. If you are polite by nature than this character best suits you.

Moana Wig: Amazon

After having the costume you need this Moana Cosplay wig to give you identical outer look to Moana. However many fans like the part of the movie when she was a kid and they want merchandise related to the Moana baby. This character is totally awesome from beginning till end.

Moana Poly Silk Ti Leaf Hula Skirt: Amazon

To give this Moana Disney Costume accuracy you also need to have this skirt leaves. Moana Cosplay is a big job because it shows the beauty of courage you have. Everyone who born is not self-trained from their birth; this world trains them how to complete their task within the stipulated time. Many people like to appreciate them with good comments while others always ready to toned you with bad; maybe they the chosen one with born skills. Anyway, like Moana positive thinking will lead you to have success whether early or later.

Moana Magical Seashell Necklace: Amazon

The most important part of the costume is the Moana Necklace. Everybody knows why this Moana ornament called the magical necklace because Princess Moana saves the heart of Ti Fiti in it. She during his journey coordinate with Maui to work together for the restoration of the heart which was actually stolen by Maui himself.

Plain Wooden Paddle: Amazon

With this wooden paddle, you have collected all the accessories for Moana cosplay. Disney is now working side by side to give its best character to the viewer like DC Comics and Marvel Comics is giving with new ideas. The positive side is that Disney mostly avoids violence in his movies; kids never get affected by the negative impacts of the action that are taken in those movies.


Along with costume guide, you will also love to collect Moana merchandise to gift your kids at Christmas eve. Keep scroll to collect the best one for them.

Moana Halloween Costume Fish Hood Necklace: Amazon

This character was not only appreciated by the children, but the adult is also part of this appreciation. You can consider gifting this Maui Fish Hook necklace to your partner. There are some other brands with the precise look are also available in the market but this the best among others.

Moana T Shirt: Amazon

People who like this character want to have this merchandise to show their gratitude to their surrounding regarding the Moana and Maui. There are some other T-shirts with the display of Moana are also available which you can gift to your children. Research reveals that during the entire view of this movie many children never broke their concentration.

Moana Bed Sheet: Amazon

Moana fabric is very much eye-catching including this bed sheet. Children are living in the world of fantasy that they want the character always with them and this the best gift that you chose to give your kid in this Christmas. No matter you have to decide to buy the toys for them but think once that which will make them happy and smile.

Moana Hook Mug: Amazon

A unique mug design to attract the fans specially kids. Make every morning of your kid smiling when they sit on the dining table for breakfast and have their milk in that mug. However, this mug can be used by any Fan of Moana and not limited to kids only.

Moana’s Musical Water Globe & Jewelry Box: Amazon

Nice product for a woman if she is interested in this character, this is a perfect chance for you to gift her because with its awesome look and the musical environment will make your Christmas a Valentine’s Day and you will never imagine how she got happy while receiving this globe as a gift.

Moana & Pua Action Figure: Amazon

Moana Pua: Amazon

Disney Hei Hei Plush: Amazon

Tamatoa Loose PVC Figure: Amazon

Maui Plush: Amazon

Following above Moana plush dolls are the character acted in the Moana Movie. Children and Women love to collect these merchandise along with Moana dress to spend their leisure time to talk and play with them. This gift guide is never-ending however if you are interested in gift ideas, Click Here!