Psylocke the most attractive character in the X-Men Apocalypse which was act by most sizzling and super-hot model from the fashion world “Olivia Munn”. Psylocke has immense fighting skills in martial art and use of weapon that she has. She also have telepathic and telekinetic power that she can change into weapon. Olivia being the best fit with the costume according to the body feature she has to show the brighter and hot look of the costume.

Every woman who want to expose her beauty under the umbrella of this costume you are welcome to see our following costume guide. Like Olivia Munn (Psylocke) showed her most attract features of her body while fighting and walking on street with her anti-hero team. We are pretty much sure you will also have the identical most attractive pretty look when you try this costume.

Heat Resistant Big Wavy Hair (Product Page)

Spandex Turtleneck Sleeveless Dance Leotard Costume (Product Page)

Fingerless Long Satin Gloves (Product Page)

Kung Fu Sashes (Product Page)

Cosplay Embroidered Patch (Product Page)

Women’s Go-Go Boot (Product Page)

Wooden Samurai Training Bokken (Product Page)

Cos-player who cos-play this character will look super-hot models. Every woman is beautiful and pretty but it depend on her which type of costume they like to wear. Some likes to wear full body suit that cover all here body part no one can have negative thought in his mind regarding her, while other are open minded they have no issues what people think about their self, she will definitely try a costume from the sexiest costume available in the store. These girls have agenda to expose her body to the public and showing the maximum possible part from her costume.

New generation have their freedom, nobody can stop them, you can only suggest them what to do and what not but you can’t order them. They don’t know the hazards of dirty thinking and dirty doing with each other. Super heroes, Super Heroines, and Super Villain of any gender are not the followers of these dirty things including the Psylocke. So follow your super brand along with the positive skill he/she have and enjoy cos-playing with the costume you dressed.