Katana (Tatsu Yamashiro) cast by the attractive Japanese actor and the Super model Rila Fukushima. Why she become warrior and anti-terrorist machine is not a mystery that every fan who read the comic book or watch the movie of “Suicide Squad” would better knows. Although she took her revenge from the killer of her husband but still she is not satisfied.

Many DC Comic fans have appreciate the working of Suicide Squad movie character in which name of Dead Shot is on top of the list. But act of Harley Quinn and Katana were also super natural that many of the Cos-player has copied these character prior release of movie. As being a bombshell Harley’s costume be easily available with little changes but Katana’s Costume get difficult to arrange therefore we decide to arrange the best possible guide to for our readers which are as follows:-

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All these items are combine together to make this costume identical to Katana. Her super action and Marshal arts skills were eye-catching and number of fans were appreciated her work. Including above costume guide you will also like these merchandise which are related to your favorite character.

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Katana is not limited to these products merchandiser have produces bag pack and men’s boxer with her logo which you can check at the linked page. You will also check our costume guide and gift ideas related to other DC and Marvel hero, heroine and other celebrities.