Gamers who are addicted to play video games whether at Play Station or Xbox are mostly be with the character they playing. Continuous play may cause the gamer to allow that character to remain inside their body and soul. With this reasons gamer may also try to live physically with in that character, they can talk like him, walk like him and even wear outfit like him.

Leon Kennedy appears in Residential Evil 2 and later in Residential Evil 4 which was like and followed by number of fans. Being a game con complete costume related to him was quite difficult to arrange for cos-player. For the desperate need of our reader we had search the items related to complete costume guide of Leon Kennedy which are given below.

Costume Wig (Product Page)

Leon Kennedy Leather Jacket (Product Page)

Slim Fit Pullover (Product Page)

Leon Kennedy Costume Pant (Product Page)

Airsoft Pistol (Product Page)

Fingerless Gloves (Product Page)

Lace-Up Sneaker (Product Page)

Having all above items will make the entire costume of Leon Kennedy from Residential Evil 4. Now you can wear all the items to Cos-play your favorite character from this game. Looking 3D character in reality through the medium of Cos-play you will really shock the people around you that the character you like on screen will now inside your body. Including Leon Kennedy costume you will also check other game con costume, our guide for merchandise & gift ideas for your favorite shows and character. Further, our bridal collection and party dresses will help you out to prepare yourself for the event you going to attained in near future.