Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) be the most entertaining and the attractive character who accumulates the followers from Comic World, Animated Cartoons and Movie. With his green power he can take any action to secure as the Guardians of the Universe including earth. This unique power and ability will make him very popular among fans. They are crazy about their merchandise and gift ideas to share with friends and family.

According to the animated cartoons he is guardian of galaxy who dedicated his whole life to secure people from the conspiracy of the enemies. He is one of the member of Justice League who is going to blast the hidden Villain. Green Lantern is one of the most popular character of DC Comic who has been followed by millions of people around the world. Following are the costume guide of Green Lantern for Halloween and Cos-play.

Green Lantern Costume
Green Eye Mask
Costume Green Boot

Costume of Green Lantern is quite difference in Comic book with the costume of Ryan Reynolds wore in the movie. Merchandiser did their best to create the identical costume of the movie.

Hal Jordan Costume
Green Lantern Gloves
Costume Green Boot

Including this costume some other costume for children and ladies are also available at different stores for the Green Lantern Characters.

Green Lantern Woman Sexy Uniform
Green Lantern Super Heroine Costume
Child Hal Jordan Costume
Green Lantern Muscles Chest Costume


What??? Are you missing something?

Green Lantern Light-up Ring
Green Lantern Movie Replica Ring
Green Lantern Plastic Ring

Not limited with the costumes there are number of varieties and shapes available in Green Lantern Ring. Among all merchandise of Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern, ring is very much famous and used as prop by fans whether cos-playing or not. We are starting our research on Green Lantern Ring and definitely describe our reader about the varieties available at different store so that you may select the best you like for yourself and for gift. Further, fans are asking for the gift ideas related to Green Lantern Merchandise which they want to share with their friends and family. It is a fact that merchandise related to the super hero have much more sold than accessories & dresses sold for Wedding and Party celebration.