Green Lantern has been famous due to its unique power, costume and the ring he wore in the Comic and in movies. Dc Comic with it unique view and thinking also made him the member of Justice League who are going to blast the hidden Villain in 2017. Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern would also be the reason for the popularity of the movie that’s why DC Comic has also given him the role of Deadpool.

Many people love to follow Green Lantern in their life and they are searching for merchandise related to this character. This Halloween and later many people bought Green Lantern Leather Jacket for Cos-play and for casual wears. Like other gift idea related to the Comic Stars and other Celebrities we also like to share some of the Green Lantern Merchandise with our reader so that they may show their love and affection with their super brand who is also get somehow affected the Villainous thinking of Doctor Strange.


Super Hero Green Lantern be the most vigilant character of the DC Comic and T-Shirt be the best item to wear casually for men, women and kids.

For Men:-

Green Lantern Logo T shirt (Buy from Amazon)

Green Lantern Sports Shirt (Buy from Amazon)

Kelly Green Distressed Logo Mens T-shirt (Buy from Amazon)

Training Sport T-shirt (Buy from Amazon)

Suit Up Sublimated Costume T-shirt (Buy from Amazon)

For Women:-

Green Lantern Emblem Women’s T-Shirt (Buy from Amazon)

Green Lantern T-Shirt (Buy from Amazon)

Green Suave T-Shirt (Buy from Amazon)

For Kid:-

Hunter Green Tee Youth (Buy from Amazon)

Green Lantern Infant Onesie (Buy from Amazon)

When you like a character and start collecting the things belong to him is an invitation to him to come and live inside your character. When this situation arises fan can’t hear anything against their character. This is the time when they feel to gift the merchandise related to the character they are following to friends and family.


Winter is the best time to cos-play real Green Lantern with hoodies instead of Leather Jacket & Sweatshirt. Hoodies are also a recommended gift item that shows your care and support to the person whom your sending it.

For Men:-

Green Lantern Zip Up Hoodie (Buy from Amazon)

Green Lantern Hoodie Sweatshirt (Buy from Amazon)

Green Lantern Logo Dark Gray Hoodie (Buy from Amazon)

For Women:-

Hoodies Pullover Cool Shirts (Buy from Amazon)

Hoodie Pullover Cosplay Costume (Buy from Amazon)

Green Lantern Hoodies Style Shirts (Buy from Amazon)

For Kid:-

Black Cotton Hooded Sweat Shirts (Buy from Amazon)

Green Lantern Teenager Hoodie (Buy from Amazon)

Green Lantern outfit are easily available in different brand and style that you like to buy for yourself and for others. Respect the liking of other will truly make you divine with in you surrounding.


Ladies are the true collectors of plush, if you think about your lady whether she is you daughter, wife, girlfriend or colleague is interested in the Super Hero Green Lantern than this is the best gift for her.

Lantern Vinyl Figure (Buy from Amazon)

Green Lantern Plush (Buy from Amazon)

Funko Dorbz DC -Lantern (Buy from Amazon)

Funko Green Lantern Plushies (Buy from Amazon)

Green Lantern USB Lego Flash Drive (Buy from Amazon)

People don’t imagine the feelings of woman regarding their love and the character she like. She always trying to find those super natural qualities in her love which she found in the super hero she like and we assure you that when you gift her such a nice plush she will hug it in your absence like the same she hug you always.


Children are crazy about the items related to their super hero and when you gift any of this product to them you be the best person in the world for them.

Green Lantern Corps Heat Changing Coffee Mug (Buy from Amazon)

Green Lantern Symbol Thermal Mug (Buy from Amazon)

Giftware Stoneware Mug (Buy from Amazon)

Green Lantern Movie Thermal-Changing Coffee Mug (Buy from Amazon)

Morphing Mugs (Buy from Amazon)

With this lovely gift they are not making hurdle for you while taking their liquid meal like milk etc. Many people had confusion about the Green Lantern rebirth but this will not make complication with these Green Lantern merchandise.


Including other all gift ideas we also introduced the loveliest part of this guide which is mostly under the hug of ladies.

Green Lantern The Animated (Buy from Amazon)

Justice League Green Lantern (Buy from Amazon)

Two Sides Cool Comfortable Pillow Case (Buy from Amazon)

Green Lantern Pillowcase (Buy from Amazon)

Polyester super Generously Green Lantern (Buy from Amazon)

Woman are attractive by nature they look gorgeous while wearing bridal outfit, stunning in the party wear and beautiful in different exposing dresses.


Very impressive collection of LEDs related to the Green Lantern that people are buying for themselves as collectible or gift to other are as follows.

Green Lantern Replica Action Figure (Buy from Amazon)

Green Glass Moroccan Candle Holder (Buy from Amazon)

LED Pen Light (Buy from Amazon)

These different green lantern be most attractive by nature and their look. These ultimate green lantern collection will make you greatest fan of Green Lantern.


Ladies love to wear Green Lantern at different part of their body. At this moment we are talking about the jewelries related to the Green Lantern.

Stainless Steel Huggie Earrings (Buy from Amazon)

Enamel Stud Earrings (Buy from Amazon)

Green Lantern Pendant & Earring (Buy from Amazon)

Reader thought that why we did not displayed any ring for man because we had prepared another blog of ring collection related to the brands available in the market.


Key of the door of your heart is in the hand of Green Lantern and with these keychain it has been proved that you are the ultimate fan of him. We suggest these item be the unique gift for your love ones.

Green Lantern Key Ring (Buy from Amazon)

Pewter Key Ring (Buy from Amazon)

Green Short Globe Lantern Keychain (Buy from Amazon)

Seatbelt Buckle Keychain (Buy from Amazon)

Green Lantern Key Light (Buy from Amazon)

However considering the age of the reader we have not displayed any item related to the lingerie, bikini and swimming costume for ladies in which green lantern are printed. Unlike this character there are several fans who cosplay Harley Quinn even at work and they are those who found Emma Watson in unbelievable collection.


With these best of Green Lantern collection you can become a real life Green Lantern either use these product by yourself or consider to gift the family members, friends and colleagues who are the real fans of Green Lantern.

Sculpted Resin Ring Paperweight (Buy from Amazon)

Light-Up Ring (Buy from Amazon)

Green Lantern Eau De Toilette Spray (Buy from Amazon)

3D Metal Car Emblem (Buy from Amazon)

Tie Bar Clip (Buy from Amazon)

Xbox One Controller Skin (Buy from Amazon)

Apple iPhone 6 Case Cover (Buy from Amazon)

Green Lantern Shaker Cup (Buy from Amazon)

Green Lantern is living in the heart of devotees, they support this character by collecting merchandise related to him. DC Comic introduces number of new characters like Green Lantern which are cos-played by the followers and supporters. For leather jackets and costume related to other DC Comic stars click here.