Green Lantern been collected from costume guide till merchandise for collection and gift purpose. Being it popularity merchandiser produces different shape and style of Green Lantern Movie ring. As we promised we love to share the quality, size, shape and brands of rings that are introduced by number of producer. Like James Bond Spectre ring collection Green Lantern ring is also available for every single fan who love this character.

Green Lantern character was cos-played by many devotees on casual basis with the merchandise available at different store along with the Green Lantern Leather Jacket. Lets check the Green Lantern amazing ring collection.

Green Lantern got popular by using this light-up ring which is accurate replica of the ring that Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern wore in the movie. Including these light ring flashing ring are also available especially for kids who love to explore their collection while playing with friends. Some merchandiser have also claim the huge size ring be the replica of the ring wore by Ryan Reynolds in movie Green Lantern.

Plastic ring was introduced initially, which was the most important part of the costume. Later when animated movies and Green Lantern movie viewed by the merchandiser, they are guide to produce number of other brands for the users and consumers. Along with this green plastic ring Red Lantern ring are also available for your collection.

Hal Jordan’s Ring

Hal Green Lantern ring made of metal and perfect replica of the actual ring. This ring does not contain green light facility for the consumer.

Other than prop these ring are also used for the purpose of engagement and wedding in love with Green Lantern. These designs are really attractive in look and will definitely more eye-catching in your finger. Material used for these ring are tungsten which is inside acid green and comfortable to fit.

Spectre movie style ring with Green Lantern Logo in it. These ring are available with different prices. Three different qualities are show above which include Green Lantern tungsten ring, stainless steel ring and handmade titanium ring.

Elements Austrian Crystal Inlay Lantern Ring

This ring is available with two different merchandiser at different prices. No doubt material used in it may dis-similar with each other. Those who like the shape and style and want to buy at cheapest price must visit the product page. This Green Lantern Cos-play ring is also available in 5 different colors.

Sterling silver ring for wedding, party and those who can’t wear metal other than gold or silver. Sparkling Emerald stone is fixed in it to increase the charm of the ring.

Green Emerald Diamonds Skulls Black Gold Filled Ring

For woman we found some unique in green, this skull green ring also be used a prop of Green Lantern ring in unique design and style. This ring can be used as wedding and engagement for woman who be the biggest fan of this character.

DC Comic Green Lantern Ring


Casual wearing ring with cheap prices. Since this ring was replicated from the starting Comic series of Green Lantern, hence already collected by huge fans. No further specialty found in this band.

Green Lantern Acrylic Rhinestone Hollow Band Antique Rings

Made of alloy and acrylic material an antique ring available in the 12 size be a formal item that buyers selected for cos-play. Along with other rings this is also available at very cheap price.

With this ring we wind up our guide. We hope you will like this guide of green Lantern ring as you appreciate our James Bond Spectre ring which we shared in past. Be remember this product can also use as a gift ideas for friends and families.