Dav Pilkey through his new Captain Underpants Books set gave a superhero underpants. When we talk about underpants superhero the impression that comes into our mind about two most popular names Batman and the Superman who use wear underpants along with their attire but this superhero forgot to wear the outfit with his underpants. Captain Underpants book series exposes the adventure of Captain Underpants in a new style of saving this world. Every fan knows where to buy Captain Underpants book or Captain Underpants box set to see Captain Underpants in full color while appearing as a new superstar in underpants.

The story began with two smart fourth standard boys hypnotized Principal Mr. Krupp that he be the superhero as Captain pants who can fly and fight with the enemies to secure this world. Thereafter this super brand has given the new Captain Underpants collection not limited to the underpants kids who also love to wear Captain Underpants Shirt. Captain Underpants character is unique in nature as compared to the characters of Marvels Comic and DC Comic, therefore, it has been loved by millions of fans as such more than 70 million copies of Mr. Underpants books were sold. Let’s check the costumes from the Captain Underpants set for Halloween and Cos-play.


Bald Cap: Amazon

Men Nude Bodysuit: Amazon

Captain Underpants Cape: Amazon

Captain Underpants Underwear: Amazon


Female Captain Underpants cosplayer have ample opportunity to cosplay this cartoon character at Halloween with a reliable outfit that makes them alike Captain.

Women Nude BodySuit: Amazon

Captain Underpants Women Cape: Amazon

Women Underpants: Amazon

Women Bald Cap: Amazon

It is not necessary to wear this bald cap, you can cos-play in your real hairs. This particular costume doesn’t need any Captain Underpants hand cover. The entire theme was focus to have a nude body which only covers with underpants and cape.


Harold Hutchins (voiced by Thomas Middleditch) and Friend George Beard created the comic book character Captain Underpants (Captain Underpants Books), who comes on screen after they hypnotized their Principal Benjamin Krupp to think that he is the superhero and his mission is to save this world.

Gore Slip-On Casual Sneaker: Amazon

Lightweight Duck Carpenter Short: Amazon

Harold Hutchins T-Shirt: Amazon

Harold Hutchins Wig: Amazon

Beginner Pencils: Amazon


Professor Pippy Pee-Pee Poopypants (voiced by Nick Kroll) known as Tippy Tinkletrowsers; one of the main villains in the Captain Underpants series. His research reveals to solve the problems like Earth’s hunger and trash but later he changed his mind to shrink the entire planet just for the reason that peoples are laughing on his silly name “Poopy Pants”.

Captain Poopy Pants Wig: Amazon

Captain Underpants Professor Poopypants Brown Suit: Amazon

Mr Poopy Pants Light Yellow Dress Shirt: Amazon

Hanky Panky Brown Tuxedo Bowtie: Amazon

Gordon Leather Lined Dark Brown Dress Loafers: Amazon

Triangle Cat Eye Poopypants Sunglasses: Amazon

Captain Underpants books are Captain Underpants attack of the telling toilet, Captain Underpants, and super diaper boy, etc; to hit the height of the popularity. As a character is an old guy, therefore, Captain Underpants author was not considered to send him in a gym to work out and have six-pack abs for an attractive body. Don’t forget to check out gift collection to share the blessing of love with friends and family.