Guardians of the Galaxy Drax the Destroyer has been recruited by the Star Lord as protector of the Galaxy. Dave Bautista Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy cast as a mad guy who want to kill Thanos because his family were assassinated by them. How he become Drax and what are the reasons that make him enemy of Thanos are easily available at the Marvel Galaxy Comic. Many of the articles online shows the similarity between Drax vs Hulk i.e. Drax (Bautista tattoo guy) oneside Monarch of the anger to kill anyone who stop him while on the other hand the big green monstrous Hulk (Bruce Banner) having the identical Emperor of the angerness who can destroy anything even helicopter or tanks. May be in future destroyer vs hulk be cast in the same movie to work together.

The destroyer Marvel has already being famous being one of the popular wrestler of the WWE and later release of the Guardians of the Galaxy marvel drax costume has been cos-played by number of cos-player. Unlike Disney infinity drax, Marvel the destroyer is much popular and still followers are searching the best possible costume guide to have the identical look with him especially for Halloween.

Drax the Destroyer Costume (Product Page)

Drax the Destroyer Dagger (Product Page)

Knee High Boot (Product Page)


Drax Child Costume (Product Page)

Product page contains jumpsuit along with mask. Here you have two option whether to wear the mask or use Drax make up to give identical look like the defender of the galaxy. Looking similar feature to the character you cos-play being an honorable job and we are very much sure when people appreciate your look you feel healthy inside. Many cos-player put effort to look amazing and identical during cosplay like they are the Bride, who are doing their ever best to overcome mistake at the main event. Further for Gift ideas on different topics and Guardians of the Galaxy other costume click here.