Marvel created many character including the popular character of Groot and Rocket Raccoon. Groot tree like structure who came from the Planet X for space mission patches therefore it is very difficult to understand the language spoken by him. Similarly Rocket Raccoon who act as a Guardian of the keystone Quadrant for marvel patches to fight as a protector of the galaxy. Among other character from the Guardians of the Galaxy we also focused to Rocket and Groot.

Marvel Groot and Rocket Marvel appear and fight as a team therefore sharing there costume guide individually does not make any sense. Unlike Groot, Rocket the Raccoon costumes and Rocket Raccoon Merchandise are being very famous among the followers. Following are the Guardians of the Galaxy Groot (Vin Diesel) and Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) Halloween costume.


I am the Groot plant Mask (Product Page)

Guardians Of The Galaxy Groot Costume Hands (Product Page)

Groot Cosplay Costume (Product Page)



Rocket Raccoon Outfit (Product Page)

Raccoon Costume Gloves (Product Page)

Rocket Raccoon Toy Gun (Product Page)

Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Costume got more popular than the Groot as many of the follower treat him as Star Lord Rocket Raccoon infinity master. Above guide provide every item i.e. Rocket Raccoon suit, Rocket Raccoon mask etc., however many people love to have Rocket Raccoon Hoodie and Rocket Raccoon Shirt to cosplay on casual basis. Since this is available as a male costume therefore female Rocket Raccoon can’t be easily available in the market. Inspired with the character you are free to buy Rocket Raccoon poster, Rocket Raccoon Pop, Rocket Raccoon toy and Rocket Raccoon Mug for your collection. Cos-playing the character which you like not only make you proud with healthy body, it will also be the best gift idea that you select to honor your most attractive super brand. You are free to search costume guide from the gallery of Marvel Comic, DC Comic, Cartoons & Fairy Tales and other Guardians of the Galaxy Costume for Halloween and Cos-play.