Chun Li is the fictional Chinese character in the most popular game “Street Fighter”. She gave her first appearance in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. Chun Li debuted as a martial art expert and the first lady to appear in the street fight. She is so beautiful naturally and by her name Mandarin which means beautiful lady. Time passed and the popularity of the game come to its peak as Street Fighter 5 has been released for the XBOX 360, people get crazier about the character.

Findurfuture started their search to accumulate the best possible costume accessories of the Street Fighter characters; from street fighter games which are highly demanding these days as compared to the Streetfighter film. Let’s Discuss the costume guide of Street Fighter Chun Li to look stunning and attractive while cosplaying at Halloween.

Street Fighter Chun-Li Video Game Costume

This dress best describes Chun Li cosplay which makes you an identical look to the Chun Lee. Technology changes the world, many gamers use street fighter PS4 to play street fighter online. Therefore a woman who really likes the character and wants to perform a replica version of her; is the right time to wear a Chun Li dress.

Street Fighter Cosplay Costume Chun Li

Chun Li Costume is used in different colors in different versions of the game. The dress displayed above was worn by her in Street Fighter 4.

Street Fighter Cosplay Costume Chun Li

Another color of the Street Fighter, the legend of Chun Li is available for the followers; they have desired to wear this Chun Li shirt for cosplay the character of the Street Fighter Costumes.

Wide Strap Leather Bracelet

Besides Chun Li alternate costumes you need this Chun Li bracelet to complete your costume accessories. To look like Chun Li hot you must have to dedicate your impression towards the character.

Street Fighter Chun-Li Knee Boots

Chun Li Cosplayer finally needs this costume boot that matches every Chun Li outfit displayed above. Further, this boot is a knee boot therefore Chun Li socks are not required as an extra accessory to collect.


Girl’s Street Fighter Chun Li Costume

Unlike Mortal Combat and other fight games, we displayed the costume guide for the kids from the Street Fighter V Chun Li. It is identical in shape and color as compared to the adult costume displayed above.

Metal Spike Studded Punk

Street fighting was most common in the past therefore this game was created for lovers with 3D effects. Further, WWE Wrestling was also licensed to attract people towards secure street fighting in an arena. So players keep playing and cosplaying their most lovely characters.

Low Heeled Knee High Chunky Boots

Chun Li by the mission-oriented lady, focused on her doing and tried to win the game through her efforts. Game Con these days are the true inspiration for the gamer because 3D games give these characters a real picture of life and addicted players allowed these characters a part of their life, therefore they can’t leave without it. To check the costume guide of other Game Con click here.