Honda Street Fighter 5 is commonly known as Edmond Honda. E Honda hundred hand slap be the skill he have which make him superior and outstanding among other Street Fighter characters. The costume he wear is a attire containing Honda signature of Japanese unique look and style. Like other street fighting games he get full control on the gamers through XBOX one and XBOX 360.

To be Honda grom many followers searched his costumes at EHonda store to have identical look while cosplaying. Honda fighting skill were develop to create the Japanese fans but later many foreigners get inspired with the character and followed his style and look as a cosplayer in the Halloween almost every year. Below is the costume guide of E Honda for fans and followers.

Sumo Wrestler Humorous Costume

Initially he is a sumo wrestler, who later become the part of Street fighter online. In past it would be very difficult for thin cosplayer to cosplay this character with identical look but now this Sumo suit make is easier for everyone to become Street Fighter E Honda.

Japanese Samurai Wig

Wearing Street fighter costumes of different character for cosplay is an art that can’t be done by everybody. So have identical look of the character you need this Samurai costume Wig.

Vertical Stripe White/Navy Blue Fabric

To cover the bottom part you have to try this fabric in white and navy blue color. It is the duty of every cosplayer to get enter into the character to have best possible result during cosplay.

E-Honda Makeup Kit

E Honda make will be the final touch of your face to look similar with this fatty character. This make up accessories is an option and you have to decide whether use it or not. Findurfuture is grateful to the readers who read and support the costume guide, merchandise and gift ideas which we are publishing day to day. To check costume guide of other Game Con click here.