Poison Street Fighter 5 be one of the most demanding Street Fighter characters who appear in this fighting game for a very short period of time. As part of XBOX 360 games she successfully gathers followers from the gaming community. Gamer knew the discontinuity of this character, therefore instead of discussing the reason behind her disappearance let check the Street Fighter for Poison costume.

Like other Street Fighter character poison Capcpm is unique in nature and style. After considering Chun Li she gets identical support as a game con. Many Cosplayers follows her and appear as a Poison Cosplayer from the street fighter games which has the height of popularity as compared to the Street Fighter film. Following are the costume guide of Poison Costume from street fighter PS4.

Poison SF4Greek Fisherman Cap: Amazon

Short-Sleeve Crop Top Poison Fighter: Amazon

Women’s Low Rise Destructed Denim Short: Amazon

Poison Costume Wig: Amazon

Poison SFV Oval Circle Chain Belt: Amazon

1″ Wide Leather Choker Fashion Necklace: Amazon

Poison SF5 Women’s Karmen Pump: Amazon

Metal Handcuffs: Amazon

Black Crop with Loop Handle: Amazon

Some of the people have confusion regarding the Street Fighter Poison character because the identical name character was already in the market as Poison Ivy who is indifferent nature and whose connection is direct to the most attractive lady Harley Quinn from the Batman series. To cosplay, people have different desires that some are want to look sober, some love to look stunning and hot in Poison outfit. You have to decide whether cosplay any other character or follow this stunning and super hot character; so that you may look outstanding bombshell in the entire gathering of a cosplayer who is cosplaying at Halloween.