DC Comic present a new Batman: Under the Hood after Robin killed by Joker in Batman: Death in the Family. Later the Red Hood not the Red Robin enter into the scene who start controlling over various gangs in the Arkham City. Like Batman he made his duty to clear the city from corruption, illegal drug trade and gang violence.

Many followers showed their interest to Red Hood Jason Todd for cosplay at Halloween. Findurfuture at this stage do not share any description regarding who is red hood? People who are in search of best mask to wear this Halloween can get bigger advantage with this blog. Following are the Jason Todd Robin helmets

Red Hood Mask  (Product Page)

Batman Under the Red Hood Helmet (Product Page)

Batman Arkham Knight red hood mask (Product Page)

Red Hood Arkham Knight Red Mask (Product Page)

Red Hood Batman Helmet (Product Page)

Distressed Red Hood Costume Mask (Product Page)

Every single Batman fan knows that at the beginning Red Hood was against Batman but later he be the part of the Batman family. Naturally he is very strong and vigilant while focusing the enemies and the killer croc of the city. Red Hood was famous due to his style and costume he wore in the series. Include mask, Red Hood Jacket along with the other merchandise of Red Hood Hoodie. If you like to see the collection of mask of other superheroes click here.