From the Street Fighter Ex Plus, Skullomania who is the employee in a large organization. In the name of Saburo Nishikoyama he led fairly an anonymous life. He did not touched the height of success being a salesman in the organization he was working and his superiors were also unhappy about his work. One day when he decide to wear skeleton costume he felt something burning in it. He decide to become a superhero and started his battle within this evil wearing costume.

He seem to be the rival shadowgeist, therefore he masked and showed similar moves to her with similar names. Than why did he identified in the name of superhero while the shadowgeist is identified as Demon. Following are the costume guide of the Street Fighter most demanding and most searched character in Google for cosplay at Halloween.

Skeleton Man Bone Skin Suit

XBOX one and XBOX 360 contain the brighter display of the character so the Skullomania costume begin with the skeleton outfit which include the hooded mask, jumpsuit and gloves. Many people only select this outfit to celebrate Halloween.

Self-Adhesive Removable Letters

Making impression of Skullomania in your mask you require this self-adhesive removable letter set. After taking closer look to the Street Fighter Costume, findurfuture come to conclusion that skullomania has unique look as compared other character of Street Fighter online.

Extra Long Fleece Scarf

Including other accessories of Street Fighter Ex Shullomania you also required this red scarf to complete the costume of the character you want to cosplay at Halloween.

Skullomania Gloves

Skullomania Street fighter, being a superhero become expert in one to one fight with other evil characters as Ex Skeleton. Being unique in look he decide to wear leather welder glove as Skullomania glove to fight with his enemies.

Skullomania Costume Boot

With this Skullomania boot we will supposed to windup this costume guide. Further, to check our costume guide of other Game Con click here.