Padme Amidala (Natalie Portman) served as the Princess Theed and later become the Queen of Naboo. She became anti-war movement and the senator after resigning as Star Wars Queen. She is the female who also appeared in the prequel trilogy as a Queen. She is still the role model of the fashioned generation, therefore we love to describe the variation found in the Padme Amidala Outfit.

Every new Star Wars theme introduced some new outfit that fans love to collect but the popularity of previous Star Wars Cast are still the same. Findurfuture, along with the Padme Amidala outfit working to collect maximum Star Wars Costumes in one single blog. Following are the different Amidala costumes.


Padme White Outfit

For Padme Amidala cosplay, this important costume is best to give you the sexiest look of the character. Further, Officially Star Wars licensed costume, cropped top, pant with attached boot tops, and rubber belt.

Star Wars Queen Padme Amidala

This Queen Amidala dress contain thick stain, chiffon, and this fashion off-shoulder long sleeve dress is also comfortable to wear.

Padme Amidala Battle Costume

Padme clothes are very popular in the women to cosplay at Halloween. From the Queen Amidala wardrobe a little variation found in the white jumpsuit with black zipper as compared to the photo shown above. It also contain metal for each arm, faux leather boot have elastic under foot and printing on the chest with the white cape ties at neck. Padme kids costume with identical features are also available at the product page.

Red Star Wars Phantom Menace Cosplay

The Star Wars Queen costume is available at the accurate design on the product page. It made up of cotton, polyester and artificial leather that contain coat, pants, T-Shirt, and Belt.

Queen Amidala Gown

Queen Amidala peacock gown is for the core fan of her. Those who reality want to cosplay unique this Halloween must try this costume.

Queen Amidala Pregnant Costume

Many searches are found who want Queen costume when she was pregnant. This accurately designed costume is one of them that contains a dress with hood and apron.

Padme Amidala Picnic Gown 

The Princess costume is accurately designed with the original one that contains Gridle, hair band, wrist ribbon and dress made of chiffon, lace, and paillette.

Pregnant Amidala Halloween Costume

In the Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars Princess Padme was pregnant. At that time she used to wear this heavy draping garment to disguise her condition. At the product, page costume contains Cloak, Top and Skirt.

Star Wars 3 Padme Amidala Cosplay

Senator Amidala Costume from Return of Jedi is designed to have accurate look with the costume worn by Amidala. The costume made of satin, lace, artificial fur, etc. and it includes shawl, dress, gloves, and neckband.

Attack of the Clone Costume

Being a Queen of Naboo she used to wear formal dresses at the beginning of Star Wars 5. The gown gets popular due to the Padme hairpiece she designed in that movie. It made up of polyester with two loops on the front and back of the strapless dress.

The Phantom Menace Padme Amidala Costume

Another dress of the Phantom Menace to cosplay at Halloween that contains Vest, top, legging, pant, bael and wrist band.

Star Wars Padme Amidala Costume Dress

A gown from the wardrobe of Prince Amidala that gives you a stunning look while cosplaying the character. Further, this outfit will enhance your beauty and make yourself eye-catching in your surroundings.

Star Wars Padme Amidala

Last but not least from the collection of Padme dresses, however some of the fan search Padme Amidala Wedding dress and Padme funeral dress for cosplay but due to costly nature it is not available at any store and they have to design them from the fashion designer.

Star Wars Padme Blaster

Padme has never used this gun blaster with every costume; to complete some costume with a prop we displayed it in this blog. Star wars have plenty of costumes for man and woman so if you are thinking to cosplay any other character from Star Wars check our ultimate Star Wars Costume guide.