Chewbacca (Chewie) is the gentle hairy, associate and co-pilot of the Han Solo. He is tall, Wookiee and the intelligent species of his planet. He use Wookieebowcaster as his master weapon. He dedicated his life to his friend Han Solo and protect him for the rest of his life. He did appear solely in any episode of Star Wars without his true and loyal companion.

For making pair of true companion and friendship many cosplayer, cosplay the character of Han Solo along with Chewbacca. Findurfuture, taking interest in the unique Star Wars characters and gathered the various mask him which you can use this Halloween for cosplay. Following are the collection of the Chewbacca costume mask.

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The popularity of Chewbacca is still increasing day by day and the merchandise related to this character has unusual demand. Along with the Chewbacca costume and Chewbacca mask the Chewbacca Hoodie Jacket, I am Chewbacca T-Shirt and Star Wars Chewbacca Sleep set having record sale. By reading the words spoken by the character “I am Chewbacca” the character of the Guardians of the Galaxy Groot come into our mind. To cosplay this character you don’t need to be as long as 8”, you can be cosplay it according to your height and costumes are also available in different sizes. Similarly, be conscious about you fitness instead of having fatty structure of your body. To check the mask of the other comic heroes click here.