Transformers deceptions in all transformers movies are the matter of consideration for the viewers. Kids, teenage and adult, every fans watch the transformers series in the form of transformers DVDs uptill transformers 5 or new transformer movie.  Since transformer 2 it has been popular among fans and follower that the transformers games, transformers toys are very much demanding at transformer franchise.

According to the original transformers cast the hot and beautiful actress Megan fox for transformer 1 act beautifully. Later transformers movies, transformers wiki and transformers comic raise their demands. Fans started to Google transformers collections, giant transfer toys, and where to buy transformers online. Every transformers movies displayed a unique transformers story which include transformer generation 1 till transformer head masters to show the transformers revenge of the fallen in transformers prime. Let’s check some costumes guide of transformers characters according to transformers names from the transformers universe are given below.


Bumblebee transformers is the bravest lieutenants. This transformers robots had transform himself into a 1970s Camaro Car which was purchase by Sam who later understands the qualities of this electrical transformers. He is almost appear in every ac transformers episode as a transformer autobots and a team member with Optimus Prime.

  1. Bumblebee Mask
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Transformers videos reveals that he is the great leader and transformers masterpiece. He is boss himself and he is found most of the time among humans to tell them the reason behind his coming to the planet of earth. Unlike other types of transformers you definitely feel proud to be cos-play with in the outfit of Optimus.

  1. Optimus Prime Cyber Helmet
  2. Optimus Prime Gloves
  3. Short Sleeve Cosplay T-shirt
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Megatron, the former member of transformer cybertron with Optimus Prime, later he started transformers beast war by making his army of robots. He is villainous in a manner that transformers robot are disguise under his vast army. Check a few collection of big transformers villain costume.

  1. Megatron Mask
  2. Megatron Transformers costumes
  3. Megatron Child Costume
  4. Megatron Women Costume


Apart from these costume, there a lot of transformers manufacturers who make the transformers stores where you can buy transformers theme shirts, hoodies, transformers action figure and new transformers toys etc. Go through these voltage transformers product instead of find transformers at different stores.

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Transformers devastator in the next transformers movies keep the transformers starscream to transformers jet fire. Every single viewer from transformer cartoon till movie definitely search cheap transformers merchandise at least once in their life. Transformers barricade are found in every series but after victory they feel much healthy than ever before. Being a true fan it is your duty to collect these costume for Halloween and merchandise to gift others in your friends and family. To check other costume guides click here.