Rapunzel (voice by Mandy Moore) is a young princess in Tangled: The Series who is unaware of her Royal heritage. She was raised by her Mother Gothel to Rapunzel tower in order to utilize her hair’s healing power to remain beautiful and young. Barbie Rapunzel is the 10th Disney Princess from the Disney characters in the Disney World. Unlike Disney cartoons, Walt Disney animated movies receives greater appreciation in Disney Channel. (Related Post: Disney Tank Top)



Like other Disney fairies findurfuture is sharing the costume guide of the Disney Rapunzel (Disney specials) which you may order from any Disney store online.

Rapunzel Hairs

Let this costume guide begin with the blond long magic hairs of Rapunzel which contain power of healing. Costume hairs contain flowers which is a symbol that you are also the owner of such abilities which can be used by her to cure the people from their worries.

Rapunzel Dress

Rapunzel story are well know to the viewers, therefore we select the perfect replica of the Rapunzel Disney for cosplay at Halloween. This dress ball gown outfit suit is a quality fabric, comfortable that include vest and dress.

Disney Rapunzel Peasant Dress

There are a little variation found in the Tangled Rapunzel dress as displayed above, cosplayers who want to look sexy in Rapunzel outfit must try it.

Rapunzel Disney Princess Tangled Prestige Shoes

After having all costume accessories you required this costume shoes to have identical look of the Rapunzel.



Long Princess Child Wig

Like adult, we suggest your child to wear a costume wig of the real life Disney Princess. Long hairs are the Rapunzel identity to look beautiful during cosplay.

Little Girls Princess Rapunzel Costume

Another most important costume accessory is the Rupanzel outfit to see the Disney attraction in your child. Your child can also use this dress after Halloween for casual or as party wear.

Rapunzel Sparkle Shoes

Your child feels proud within the Sparkle Rupanzel Costume shoes. It gives a perfect look to role play the character with courage and boldness.



Rapunzel is the well known character of the Disneyland, who has millions of fans and follower. These devotees have numerous collection of the merchandise produced by the Disney shop. Following are some Disney merchandise which you may love to buy for yourself and for your little Princess.

Disney Tangled Rapunzel Women’s T-Shirt

Rapunzel Flower Princess Mug

Disney Tangled Rapunzel’s Bow & Arrow Set

Disney Princess Portable Table Lamp

Disney Rapunzel Nightshirt for Girls

Disney Princess “Dream Big”

Tangled Rapunzel Round Collar Pullover Sweater

Tin Lunch Box

Princess Cinderella Ariel Rapunzel Belle Girls Floral Print Dress

Time to time Disney introduced different characters who not only rule the minds and hearts of the devotees, they are lie inside their souls as such they started cosplaying on day to day basis. To check the costume guide of other Disney Characters: Click Here!